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New PCI Data Security Standard Guidelines | Optiv

Recently, the Risk Assessment Special Interest Group (SIG) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council published the PCI Data Security ...

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Preparing for the Next Spear Phishing Attack

If you need proof that any organization can be hacked, even the most secure ones, just do an Internet search for “spear phishing attacks.” You might b...

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Password Disclosure in D-Link Surveillance Cameras (CVE-2012-4046)

Many people are using the popular D-Link network cameras available at Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples and, expecting a private video feed t...

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Mobile Security UK Webinar | Optiv

Enterprise users are using multiple devices to tap into the corporate network. Connectivity, portability and productivity are the “three legs” of mobi...

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Disaster Recovery Testing - The Sandy Effect

Most organizations that we do business with have disaster recovery policies and/or business continuity policies, but in the weeks leading up to and fo...

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PLUG and PWN: No-tech to Low-tech Hacking, Part Two

Continuing with the first part of this post, we’ll take a look at another device to drop onto a client’s network during a successful social engineerin...

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Owning Computers Without Shell Access

Consultants often upload and execute a binary payload to a remote system during penetration tests for the purpose of footprinting the target, gatherin...

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IP Theft Prevention: Beyond Just Technology

News headlines about credit card numbers being stolen and other successful security attacks on intellectual property (IP) during the last decade have ...

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Analyzing CVE 2012-0158

On a recent engagement, we encountered a number of malicious documents. Among these, we discovered a mostly undocumented strain of CVE-2012-0158 explo...

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