Attack and Penetration Services

Crawl inside a hacker’s mind



Do more than test – respond.

Unknown weaknesses in your software, hardware and end-user environments are a playground for cyber attackers.


Regular testing is essential, but your organization benefits even more from training and resources that go beyond testing. Predict and preempt attacks, preparing your response before the hackers are even out of bed.


Establishing and maintaining an active defense of your assets can be daunting, and it’s critical to know your current controls are working and your bases are covered.

The fix: Get into the hacker’s mind

Our attack and penetration services emulate sophisticated hacker strategies to uncover vulnerabilities and generate insight toward remediation. 


Elite ethical hackers. Forward-thinking researchers. Veteran cyber threat pros. These teams employ advanced attack tools in conducting network penetration testing that helps you identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, protecting your network, your assets, your business and your people. 

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Keep it Simple


Core Offerings

Security assessments and continuous penetration testing to identify, quantify and rank the vulnerabilities in your system


Targeted Testing

Replicate real-world attack chains to identify and focus on the chinks in your armor to understand your true exposure


Social Engineering

Evaluate user security awareness through tried-and-true pretexting methods such as spear phishing, media drops and tailgating

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Prepare for the Unknown


Outside your Network

Assess physical security controls and cloud configurations to identify tangential threats to your network and information


Insider Threat (Purple Team)

Interactive engagement between advanced offensive and defensive operators that identifies and remediates critical flaws in real-time


Breach Simulation

Use proprietary technologies with evasive, non-attributable operations outside of traditional testing methodologies to assess even the most hardened security programs

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Think Outside the Box


Vulnerability and Attack Surface Management

Differential testing to assess your most critical weaknesses and provide recommendations over a regular schedule


Endpoint Protection

Compare and contrast the effectiveness of selected controls to enable informed decisions about your security investments


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Employ targeted testing to identify security flaws in products that don’t fit traditional testing methods including embedded systems, kiosks, SCADA, VDI and VoIP environments

Our solutions drive results, whether you’re new to testing or have a mature vulnerability management program, whether you require white, grey or black box services.

Get a full strategy and prep your team.

We can help you design and implement a proactive and comprehensive threat management program to meet your adversaries head-on and ensure your staff is confidently prepared in the event of an attack.


Improve the security of applications, systems, people and processes -- a pen test can supply invaluable intelligence about hidden vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers.


Our solutions drive results, whether you’re new to testing or have a mature vulnerability management program, whether you require white, grey or black box services.


PCI penetration testing identifies application vulnerabilities attackers can exploit to access credit card information. While vulnerability scanning (required for PCI compliance) is automated, PCI pen testing employs manual methodology simulating techniques used by real-world attackers. PCI pen tests must evaluate the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE) perimeter along with any applications or systems that could expose client data if breached.


Transform your compliance efforts from regulatory chore into a competitive advantage through our enterprise risk and compliance suite (which also addresses HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, NIST, CCPA and GDPR, among others). Doing so will foster the insight and clarity to drive superior decision-making, enhanced agility and the focused business alignment required to maximize return on investment.

Find the 75% of vulnerabilities that automated tools miss

Our penetration test services have helped thousands of organizations uncover hidden vulnerabilities in their people, processes and technology, delivering actionable steps for improving security and highlighting the steps organizations take toward more informed decision-making and meaningful risk reduction.

Our case studies – we’ve been there, done that. 

From energy to travel, from retail to healthcare and beyond, here’s some of what we’ve done. 


  • Retail: Targeting ERP environment databases
  • Travel: Enabling customer self-service while protecting PII
  • Healthcare: Securing delivery of controlled drugs
  • Energy: Simulating breaches to assess preparedness


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Our pen testing services include:

Attacker Simulation

Simulate the actions of real-world attackers, using subterfuge and distraction to exploit critical systems, exfiltrate data and mimic an actual breach.


Evaluate your enterprise security at technical and program levels by identifying vulnerabilities or controls gaps.

Response Readiness

Practice like you fight and train your blue teams to predict, preempt and respond to attacks.

Product Research

From IoT to firewalls, test your OEM technologies to identify security flaws and the associated risks.

Physical Security

Assess your facilities to identify the gaps in your physical security and shore up your last line of defense.