The 70s are over man.

And so is the page you were trying to find.

This is called an antiquated page.
(Because cybersecurity changes daily.)

Antiquated (adjective): 


  1. Outmoded or discredited by reason of age; old and no longer useful, popular, or accepted. 
  2. OBSOLETE: an antiquated calendar
  3. Advanced in age: Nope, we won’t go there. 
  4. Examples: He had antiquated ideas. They used antiquated methods of farming. That is antiquated slang.


Perhaps you need an assessment*?

Or, take a look at a few modern topics here.

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Now What?
What to Do When Everything Changes

COVID-19 disrupted everything (change, change and more change). And it won’t be the only thing that rattles your environment. When you need help navigating the cybersecurity complexities in a world where innovation, and threats never stop, read our first guide.


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OMG what if…
How to Survive an Attack

Create your comprehensive, tested Incidence Response plan to effectively respond to cyber attacks. Here’s how – from assembling your cross-functional team, to tabletop exercises and war games – to mitigation if the unthinkable happens.


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2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate (CTIE)

Things are getting weirder out there (thanks to COVID and a coming US election). While this report has the usual: critical threat activities, threat actors and topics crucial to breach prevention – there’s a bonus: you’ll also get answers on what to do. And you’ve got the option to listen, instead of read, as experts discuss in four podcasts.


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Get to know OptivCon

It’s bigger and better than a Zoom. Here you will hear from front-line experts. We have keynotes that may rattle you. Panel discussions that get lively. Tactical ideas. Cybersecurity topics you know and some you may not. And it’s all as-you-like-it – on demand – so you can listen anytime.



*What is an assessment really? It’s when we start a conversation on what you have and where you want to go – and thus what you need. We take a programmic approach to solving things, considering all security concerns, such as business strategy and planning (are you growing?), monitoring and operations (in house or out?), defenses and controls, technology acquisition (what’s on your shelf collecting dust?), and even training (people really are your weakest link).


But here’s the thing. Optiv specializes in cybersecurity. We’ve been there, done that. Let’s collaborate and create your custom solution – and one that can grow with you and pivot when things change. No matter where you are in your program, we can help – even if you don’t know where to start.