2018 Central Ohio InfoSec Summit

 Hyatt Regency Columbus

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Central Ohio ISSA is an organization and community of over 350 members who are passionate about information security and technology, with the goal of educating and equipping our members and community to secure organizations and information.

Wayne Hilt, executive director - executive advisory, Office of the CISO, will be speaking at the summit.

Money (Alone) Can’t Buy Me Security...
Tuesday, May 15, 3:20-4:05 pm | Executive, Knox
When you think about what is required to build an effective security program, there are a multitude of different factors that come into play… but those factors always include two key things: sufficient budget to purchase the tools, solutions, and support you need, and the staff necessary to run them and efficiently/effectively consume the outputs. In this session, Wayne will share some real-world, proven techniques, structures, and practical advice for attracting and retaining security talent; deciding when to hire full time resources and when to contract or outsource; and how to build, justify, and rationalize your budget to make the most of the invariably limited resources you have at your disposal.

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