InfoSec World 2016

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InfoSec World 2016 is designed to arm you with the latest tools and most current information to protect your organization. The event features over 70 sessions, 7 tracks, 9 in-depth workshops, 4 co-located summits and an Expo showcasing the industry’s leading vendors.

We are proud to have Rafal Los, director of soulutions research and development, presenting at InfoSecWorld.

Party of 3 – Throw Away Your Old 3rd Party Risk Strategy
Your 3rd party risk strategy isn't working. Between the volume of work and the speed of change, you don't stand a chance. This talk will present the culmination of research into 3rd party risk programs from various market verticals and company maturity and discuss some new strategies which will revolutionize this otherwise risky business.
Tuesday, April 5, 3:00pm-4:00pm | Track: Governance, Risk and Compliance

From Data to Action: Incorporating Threat Intelligence into Your Security Program Intelligently
What most people think of as "threat intelligence" is simply data, and data alone doesn't make your enterprise any better at security. In fact, more data may actually be bad for your already over-worked and under-resourced security team – so why bother with threat intelligence? The answer is that the intelligent incorporation of threat intelligence, along a relative maturity model, can break a decade-old mold of static security practices and change the game. For real. This workshop will help you understand how current resources combined with a step-by-step maturity process can deliver real results from tools you may already own, and data you may already have. Your organization should be leveraging advanced threat intelligence capabilities – but knowing how is critical.
Wednesday, April 6, 12:45pm-5:00pm | Workshop: 5 CPEs

For more information on this event, and to register please visit the conference website.