Cyber security is not a point solution. The modern cyber threat landscape is so rich and complicated that you must understand end point monitoring, user behavior analysis, and network detection to develop a comprehensive picture of risk, detection and response.

Without network monitoring, you are missing... 

  • All the "between spaces" where cyber threats move and communicate 
  • The true origin of an incident, or the evidence you need to start an investigation 
  • The capability to factually verify that your security controls or remediation measures are effective 

In this webcast, Rob McGovern and Peter Schawacker will have a lively dialogue discussing the security questions that many organizations have today, and will demonstrate how network monitoring, network forensics and traffic analytics delivered by the LogRhythm Network Monitor can address security challenges.

Specifically, they will address questions such as... 

  • How will machine learning affect network monitoring? Are we moving towards AI analysis of traffic? 
  • How does Network Monitor work with SIEM to reduce the mean-time- to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-respond (MTTR) to cyber attacks? 
  • When Network Monitor is installed, what are the most common bad things that are detected? 
  • How does Network Monitor compare against NetFlow, NetWitness and other network forensic or network operational analysis tools? 
  • Why did LogRhythm release a free version of their Network Monitor product (NetMon Freemium)?