AWS Cloud Security Architecture Assessment

The first step to a secure digital transformation.


Secure cloud adoption is achievable.

Regardless of industry, the benefits of cloud computing are gaining the attention of every type of organization. The question is how. Businesses are scrambling to define the steps necessary to safely migrate their assets to the cloud – with security remaining the number one challenge. Assessing current technology and workloads for cloud compatibility, taking an inventory of all sanctioned and unsanctioned applications and orchestrating an enterprise-wide cybersecurity effort to eliminate siloes in the organization, add to the challenge.


Establishing a minimum set of baseline controls in your cloud environment will give you a solid foundation to develop a mature cloud security program. The Optiv AWS Cloud Security Architecture Assessment facilitates a forum between your key stakeholders and our industry experts to identify existing challenges, define business goals, maturity level and outcomes and build an actionable roadmap to enable program success. Through our assessment of your current environment and needs, we gather intelligence that gives you additional information to make informed decisions of what you need to accomplish over the short and long term. By applying a holistic approach that accounts for security across the stack and harmonizing siloes in the organization, we create the efficiency and agility necessary for you to proactively secure and operationalize your business.

How do we do it -

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Prior to the Engagement


We ask the right questions with an in-depth cloud security questionnaire tailored to your engagement as well as a list of functional areas to be examined during the assessment.


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Onsite Activities


We get you some answers with a deep discovery through stakeholder meetings and data collection focusing on business drivers, priorities and key technical and security requirements.




AWS Cloud Security Architecture Assessment (CSAA)


Our team reviews the results of the onsite discovery and performs a post-engagement gap analysis. We leverage our vast database of critical controls that are regularly updated to assess both the hygiene of the platform and the maturity of the security efforts around cloud to quickly bring clarity and visibility to your team.


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The right steps to get you there.


​​​​No matter where you are in your cloud adoption journey, we can help you plan, build and run a successful cloud security program whether your cloud deployment is public, private or a hybrid of both.


CDX L2 Section 5 Cloud lifecycle

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The AWS CSAA is based on these domains:

  • Architecture
  • Identity Access Management
  • Data
  • Visibility
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Threat Protection
  • Application Security
  • Incident Response
  • Business Resilience
  • Legal and Privacy

Beyond CSAA - To help realize the roadmap produced from the engagement, you have the option to continue to leverage our capabilities and subject matter experts on staff. As an advisor and architect, we will activate and guide the recommended cloud security program on your behalf through implementation of our secure cloud reference architecture and deployment of the correct technology needed.

The result is cloud security that is proactive, optimized, elevated and improved.


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Become Proactive:

Change your security model from reactive to proactive by collaborating across IT, information security and application development organizations that are traditionally in silo and address any outstanding problems that are bogging you down.



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Optimize Your Cloud Security Program: 

Consolidate your project requirements, technologies and resources across cloud business initiatives and projects. Leverage your existing infrastructure to support old and new technologies.



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Elevate Strategic Importance:

Align cloud initiatives with strategic business drivers, enlist executive level sponsorship and integrate with existing governance and compliance programs.



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Improve Security and Business Agility:

Rapidly bring workloads into a more enterprise security aligned posture by utilizing our enterprise security aligned recommendations and detailed remediation plans.