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A Day in the Life of Optiv Cyber Security Superheroes: Luke Papineau

November 02, 2017

Cutting Through the Technology Clutter for his Clients


Luke Papineau, Client Manager, Pacific Northwest

“There are too many vendors…selling too many products!” This outcry is what our client managers hear too many times in the field. Today's organizations complain about having too much information to sift through in the security landscape and not having enough time to devote to it. They want to focus on other things, like running their business. Enter Luke Papineau, an Optiv client manager working in the Pacific Northwest region. Luke has the uncanny ability to cut through the clutter and the noise for his clients and give them a simplified security program that speaks directly to their business outcomes and priorities.

Proud of Our Impact—Creating Clarity in the Chaos

Optiv’s focus on defining the core security strategy and vision for each client was an overriding factor why Luke chose Optiv for his sales career. “There’s something about this company that’s different from anybody else,” he says. “Our capability to help our clients shows in every aspect of Optiv—from our experience, our methodology, our ability to listen to clients’ needs and develop programs that are years ahead.” Luke explains, “It’s the whole reason I came here. I was looking for a company that had that ability, desire and foresight to be able to make that happen.” Luke strives to partner with his clients, bring them keen insights and education, help them architect the right security solutions needs, negotiate the best contracts with their vendors, and streamline how they do business—bringing clarity to the security chaos. “We help them understand their security needs, sort through hundreds of vendors, then help them choose the technology.”

Proud of His Contribution—He Really is a Rock Star

Luke worked for an IT services firm for many years that followed a similar strategic approach, only to later be part of an acquisition by another, larger firm. The company began losing its focus and making claims to clients, such as, “Oh yeah, we can do that!” It was all about selling the technology and the products and meeting quotas. Luke said it was like putting square pegs into round holes for their clients. “The passion to work for the client has been lost and forgotten.” He was secretly seeking the focus and drive that his company once had. With an introduction from a friend to an up-and-coming cyber security firm in Denver, called Optiv Security (Accuvant at the time), he discovered he was ready to make the leap to a company with a sales methodology that really resonated with him. “After researching the company, I got excited again. The team, the approach, the leadership and vision helped solidify my decision to join Optiv.”   

What does Luke do when he’s not strategizing with clients, vendors and engineers? A former rock band musician, he’s trying to carve out time to get back to his rock roots. He recently reached out to some old friends hoping to collaborate with them again—or to just plain old jam together. “I feel completely at home with a guitar in my hands, putting all my energy into the strings—it is pure bliss and cathartic all at the same time creating something from nothing.”


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