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Forrester IAM Managed Services Overview Helps CISOs Find the Right Solution

December 12, 2019

Recently, Forrester released Now Tech: Managed IAM Services, Q4 2019. This report requires subscription or purchase to access, but Optiv has highlighted some of our takeaways from the report here. We encourage you to contact Forrester or your company’s Forrester administrator to access the full report.

As one of the largest technology research firms, Forrester provides CISOs with valuable information and tools including in-depth vendor research. Their “Now Tech” reports are one example of this. In our view, these reports can help organizations solve business challenges by assessing established market segments, profiling vendor capabilities and providing guidance to drive favorable outcomes.

Recently, Forrester released Now Tech: Managed IAM Services, Q4 2019. We believe it is significant that managed Identity Access Management (IAM) has now graduated to this level of recognition within Forrester. To us, it illustrates that a successful IAM program is gaining momentum as a central component of an organization’s security program.

As organizations struggle with any number of major challenges from staff shortages, budget constraints and the exploding number of employee, customer and partner identities to be managed, utilizing an IAM managed security service provider (MSSP) can provide many advantages.

In our view, the report details several benefits represented by IAM MSSPs.

  • More rapid IAM program development (based on prebuilt integrations and proven deployment guides) and lower cost of ownership over the long run.
  • Increased agility by allowing organizations to offload the burden of managing add, change, and delete for IAM service components.
  • Increased effectiveness through consolidated management of disparate IAM systems and processes.

And of course, these benefits can drive vastly more efficient use of budgets and resources.

In order to optimize their investment, it’s important that companies do their homework and precisely articulate their requirements to their MSS partners. IAM MSSPs vary in size and geographical footprint, some have different functional emphases and core competencies, while others focus more narrowly on specific vertical markets.

Forrester notes that security leaders should use this report to understand the value they can expect from a managed IAM services provider and select one based on capability, size and scope. Optiv is happy to report that we are included as one of the vendors overviewed in the research. It’s an invaluable tool for CISOs and organizations looking to get a better handle on costly and increasing IAM challenges.

For more on Optiv’s unique approach to Identity and Access Management – and why we call it IDM – contact your Optiv representative or download Five Steps for a Successful IDM Deployment for free.

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