Optiv + Global Retailer = Optimized Resources & Reduced Risk

The Situation – meet compliance requirements, fast


A leading global retailer’s security team was struggling to protect multiple locations, applications and a mix of on-site and remote employees. The sheer volume of employee identities, specifically contract worker credentials, meant an increased risk of breach. They were also facing increasing PCI (payment card industry), SOX and GDPR (general data protection regulation) compliance mandates, and had to promptly provide audit responses.


With all these expanding requirements, including reducing password reset costs and improving visibility in to access, the team needed to build a more comprehensive identity access management (IAM) solution set, and fast. Unfortunately, lacking both expertise and resources to do so, it was more likely that user access requests would go unfulfilled and compliance requirements would not be met. This all added up to a loss in productivity, potential fines and additional security risks.

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The Solution – all-cloud identity access management (IAM)


Our IAM Client Solution Advisor helped to clearly align their business drivers and define the managing requirements, including infrastructure and business constraints. Our IAM team of experts then defined the processes, architecture and design – mapping requirements to the ideal technology solution set. 


We chose an all-cloud, best in breed, comprehensive IAM solution – enabling our large retail client to navigate the competitive technology landscape. Their security leadership team now has a long-term roadmap that helps reduce risk, easily meets compliance requirements and works within the required financial model.

Industry Served: Retail

Our Starting Point

  • Secure a rapidly expanding network
  • Protect an increasing number of on-site and remote employees
  • Meet growing compliance requirements
  • Choose and implement a comprehensive IAM solution

Accelerating Forward

  • Architected an all-cloud, best in breed IAM solution, including:
    • Okta for directory, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and password reset
    • SailPoint IdentityNow for user lifecycle, access certifications and access requests

Client Outcomes

  • Aligned business drivers and defined security requirements
  • Easily met compliance requirements
  • Increased productivity thanks to business automation for application access, user lifecycle management and access certification
  • Minimal resources required thanks to new programmatic approach to IAM
  • Easy-to-understand metrics now available to share with the leadership team
  • Better utilized security team is now able to focus on high priority issues 

How can we help you secure greatness?


Optiv can advise on, deploy and operate end-to-end cybersecurity programs aligned to your business goals. As the cyber advisory and solutions leader, we serve nearly 6,000 companies across every major industry. Our certified experts can help you gain the agility, security, scale and control you need to stay ahead of the competition.