Optiv + Food Manufacturer = A Whole Menu Of Solutions

The Situation – Targeted OT Threats Calling For Security Fine Tuning


A global food manufacturer poured concrete for three new “factories of the future” after nearly a decade of planning. But there was a rise in security threats, specifically targeting operational technology (OT) within food manufacturing. This called for late-stage security fine tuning before bringing their new facilities online.

The Solution – Find Overlooked Security Gaps via a Risk Register


We kicked things off by evaluating the client’s existing network architecture and design for security gaps. We then created a risk register to communicate security issues previously overlooked by several third parties, including the engineering and construction company, automation interrogator and installer as well as automation vendors. 


By combining the efforts of our client and third parties, our team created a common thread of security throughout the facilities, while developing a stronger architecture model capable of modernization and stronger security posture at critical points. We accomplished all this without disrupting operations. 

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Industry Served: Food and Beverage

Our Starting Point

  • Facility planning and design had been underway for a decade, but many security gaps were overlooked
  • Increase in OT security threats for food manufacturers

Accelerating Forward

  • Risk assessment, site walk and threat modelling to properly communicate threats and security gaps through risk register
  • Architecture modeling to improve modernization capabilities and security posture
  • Strategic OT security roadmap

Client Outcomes

  • Efficiently created a new security design by augmenting client and third-party work
  • Ensured modernized and strengthened security posture with a stronger, converged plantwide ethernet (CPwE) / Purdue architecture model
  • No interruptions to facility operations
  • Client invested in future upgrades, including an OT security sensor, SIEM integration, firewall improvement plan and implement risk scoring system

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