Optiv Helps Fuel Maturity for Oil and Gas Client’s OT Program



An oil and gas company’s board of directors identified OT security as a focus initiative for the fiscal year due to the rising number of OT security breaches across the globe. They needed to have a better understanding of their OT environment’s security posture. The company needed experts in OT, network, and device and application security to ensure all aspects of security were considered, requiring a well-rounded OT security partner to address all facets. The company turned to Optiv due to the OT practice’s experience with specific security projects and strategic methodologies for expanding OT security programs to reduce overall risk.


How Optiv Helped


Optiv led the client through a risk assessment specific to OT environments, and developed site-level security controls based on the determined risk and the criticality of the site. Optiv also performed live discovery of the assets at each facility using technology designed specifically for often-fragile OT networks, resulting in solid asset inventories for the operational environments — something the company never had before. With assets identified, associated vulnerabilities within the network were found.


Optiv then worked with the client to develop a solid OT security roadmap for mitigating risk with security projects and initiatives, beginning with items that reduce the most risk, but are the easiest and least expensive to implement.


Finally, Optiv’s OT team completed four network designs to support the security posture of the OT environments in the most cost-effective manner, taking into account the criticality of the site and the risk presented to the OT environment.

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Industry Served: Oil and Gas


  • Unknown OT security posture
  • Flat/inconsistently segmented networks
  • Undefined OT security controls
  • Lack of OT security program roadmap


  • Created site-level OT security controls based on risk and site criticality
  • Created four network segmentation designs for OT to IT connectivity
  • Created OT security roadmap to continually reduce risk over time


  • Company received OT security project roadmap to most effectively reduce risk and implement globally
  • Board of directors was pleased and planned to continue with Optiv

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