Optiv + Global Chemical Manufacturer = a Solution for Security Visibility

Industry Served: Chemical Manufacturing

Our Starting Point

  • OT and IT functioning independently, with no centralized visibility into the environment
  • Client security team had limited understanding of security posture
  • With no baseline standards or communication, managing a global response to an incident would be challenging

Accelerating Forward

  • Performed risk assessment, technical validation, site walks and threat modeling
  • Established common risk metrics, quantitative measurements and federation based on NIST-CIF
  • Developed a prioritized project roadmap tied directly to costs, complexity, effectiveness of recommendations and the client’s ability to execute on the program
  • Created three security profiles with different standards based on site maturity levels

Client Outcomes

  • Tailored an outcome-based approach for individual security tasks, while maintaining focus on the broader security strategy
  • Met audience objectives through customized reports
  • Measurable reduction in risk through improved security visibility
  • Built valuable connections between security and production teams
  • Optiv to continue working with client on a holistic cyber strategy to augment current security capabilities

The Situation – A Risky Disconnect Between OT and IT


A premier chemical manufacturer needed to better understand the security risks facing their 20 global production sites. Unfortunately, the client’s security team had no central visibility into their environment because their operational technology (OT) and IT facilities each handled their network and security independently. With no existing baseline or connections between OT and IT, delivering a coordinated, global response to a security incident would be a laborious undertaking.

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The Solution – Discovery Sessions, Cyber Profiles and a Centralized Risk Register


Our team jumped right in with discovery sessions at each location. These sessions included site walks and were based on nine critical OT security categories. Leveraging best-in-class technology, we evaluated OT network security at five locations. This allowed us to create cyber profiles for each site’s security maturity level, matching the importance of a site to its ability to fund and deploy new technologies and processes. Working with the client team, we used the results to develop a centralized risk register and improve security visibility. Next steps include creating a holistic cyber strategy to further improve security capabilities.

How can we help you secure greatness?


Optiv can advise on, deploy and operate end-to-end cybersecurity programs aligned to your business goals. As the cyber advisory and solutions leader, we serve nearly 6,000 companies across every major industry. Our certified experts can help you gain the agility, security, scale and control you need to stay ahead of the competition.