Transitioning a National Healthcare Services Provider from an On-Premises to AWS Multi-Cloud Environment



Planning a Smooth On-Prem to Cloud Migration


Executive leaders at a national healthcare services provider sought to transition from legacy on-premises infrastructure to a multi-cloud environment with AWS. By overcoming the limitations and inefficiencies of on-prem resources, these leaders desired to leverage client solutions to meet the needs of customers. In order to accelerate the timeline for cloud deployment to support enterprise initiatives, such as the use of generative AI, the client approached Optiv to manage a secure transition to the cloud. 


How Optiv Helped


Building a Secure Environment


Optiv recognized that the client had a complex on-prem security environment and required a fast-paced timeline for AWS cloud deployment. To ensure that the client had an optimal path forward to begin this migration, the first step was to create a cloud investment case to assess the foundational capabilities and maturity levels of the existing on-prem environment. This was followed by a security tools rationalization, which identified tool consolidation and new tooling investment opportunities. 


After examining the client’s existing environment, Optiv prepared for a smooth transition. We crafted tailored deliverables including a secure governance model, which outlined the blueprint for a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) and an interaction framework with enterprise functions. Optiv designed a secure cloud architecture and created a deployment roadmap, infrastructure-as-code (IaC) templates and an approach to establish a cloud financial management office. With these resources, the client was prepared for a fast yet secure cloud migration.


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Industry Served: Healthcare

Client Challenges

  • Robust security foundation with capabilities beyond cloud-native controls
  • Misaligned leadership expectations on the budget and timeline
  • Rapid cloud deployment timeline to support initiatives like generative AI use cases

Optiv’s Actions

  • Created a cloud investment case to inform AWS deployment requirements
  • Performed security tools rationalization to find opportunities for improvement
  • Designed secure cloud architecture for the target-state AWS environment
  • Created a secure cloud strategy with a deployment roadmap and IaC templates

Results/Client’s Success

  • Improved operational efficiencies, cost effectiveness and risk management
  • Enhanced security resilience, minimized downtime and accelerated time to market
  • Empowered stakeholders to create a flywheel of customer feedback and response
  • Enabled elasticity to meet business demand by scaling cloud resources

Next Steps

  • Cloud-native services accelerate the design, build and deployment processes
  • Configuring solutions in the cloud will help stakeholders keep pace with business change

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