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CoBiT - Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies

Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies


CoBiT - Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies

CoBiT is an IT management framework first developed in 1996 published by the IT Governance Institute and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) to help businesses develop, organize and implement strategies around information management and governance.

The objective is to provide a common language for business executives to communicate with each other about goals, objectives and results. The latest version was published in 2013 and emphasizes the value that information governance can provide to a business's success. It also provides guidance about enterprise risk management. CoBiT 5 is based on five key principles for governance and management of enterprise IT: Meeting stakeholder needs, covering the enterprise end-to-end, applying a single, integrated framework, enabling a holistic approach, and separating governance from management.

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