FWaaS - Firewall as-a-Service

FWaaS is an emerging method to deliver select firewall functionality as a cloud service as opposed to the more traditional hardware-based firewall platforms.


Enterprises have always deployed next generation firewalls as hardware-based appliances.  FWaaS is a growing alternative approach to provide select firewall functionality as a cloud-based service. The promise of FWaaS is to provide organizations with a solution that can be easier to manage, elastic, and flexible to add and subtract features. However, FWaaS is not yet a direct replacement for hardware-based firewall offerings as it lacks some critical capabilities. It may be an option for smaller organizations to consider, or those which are struggling to proliferate firewall based security controls to a large number of remote locations. In addition, organizations implementing SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN), may be more inclined to see benefits from FWaaS.


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