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IGA - Identity Governance and Admin

IGA - Identity Governance and Admin


IGA - Identity Governance and Admin

IGA is a component of an Identity Access Management (IAM) program that ensures only the right users are getting access to the right applications at the right time.  

IGA tools manage digital identity and access rights across multiple systems.  The more heterogeneous the environment in terms of applications and systems, the more complicated the challenge is for identity governance and administration.  Hence, there is often a need to procure an IGA tool to simplify identity management and help demonstrate compliance with regulations related to identity management as applicable.  Common functions of IGA include identity lifecycle and entitlement management (to keep track of the current role of each user and which applications they should have access to), automated workflows to manage access rights (to ensure necessary approvals are efficiently obtained for new service access requests), provisioning (to propagate changes initiated by the IGA tool to all the systems impacted), and auditing and reporting (to demonstrate the veracity of all the items above).  

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