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QSA - Qualified Security Assessor for PCI

Qualified Security Assessor for PCI


QSA - Qualified Security Assessor for PCI

QSA is a PCI Security Standards Council designation applied to individuals who meet specific information security education requirements, have taken the appropriate training from the PCI Security Standards Council, are employees of a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company approved PCI security and auditing firm, and will be performing PCI compliance assessments as they relate to the protection of credit card data.

To become an AQSA an individual must work for a QSA company (QSAC). The primary contact at a QSAC is responsible for submitting the relevant applicant materials, including a resume, desired training course and relevant information technology experience and skills or another IT-related field to the PCI SSC for initial review. Once the PCI SSC reviews and approves these materials, they will be granted access to the relevant training materials online. Notification of test passage generally takes two weeks or less.

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