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Let’s Not Talk About the Past

With the year quickly coming to a close, the web is full of blogs titled, “A Look Back at 2018,” and “2018: A Post-Mortem.” We’ve decided to give you ...

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Identity and Access Management: The Strategic Imperative

Optiv takes a strategic and holistic approach to IAM deployments to mitigate breach risk, meet compliance mandates, and enable digital transformation.

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SecOps vs. DevOps in the Information Age

Information is varied and complex, involving many data types, structures, and protocols for different types of data sets. This increases challenges fo...

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Tales from Trenches: What’s on Your Shelf?

Don’t you hate it when you forget something? Like when you take your kids on a hike and forget a snack, or take your dog for a walk and forget those-o...

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Darknet Done Right

The marriage of a well-managed risk program and a targeted Darknet operation to move towards mitigation of risk is an ROI most mature companies have a...

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Is There a Trans-Atlantic Cyber Divide? The 5 Things That Differentiate Us Can Make Us Stronger

Having just returned from the U.S. to Europe, we recently met for breakfast around the corner from the new London HQ of Optiv Security, a market-leadi...

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It’s 2018. Password Journals are a Still a Thing.

I was in a store the other day and saw something that, being in cyber security, stopped me fast: A Password Journal. Seriously. A place to write down ...

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Defending Against the Attacker vs. the Auditor

Check out the top six questions you should ask to ensure you are defending against the attacker – and not just the auditor.

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Keeping Who-ville Cyber Secure This Holiday Season

If we were to relate the Grinch to cyber security terms, we’d call him a quintessential threat actor. His sole focus is finding a way to stop Christma...

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