Cybersecurity Helps Me Protect Family, Friends and Myself

February 19, 2021

There are several reasons why I enjoy working in cybersecurity. The first is actually the most straightforward. Every one of us has given our information to an organization with the trust that they will safeguard that data with as much care as we ourselves do. By helping organizations protect that information, I’m helping to protect myself as well as the information of friends, family and other people I’ve never met, all around the world. And even though you know you can’t close every hole an organization faces, you can help reduce the risks associated with data theft or accidental exposure. By helping them, I’m ultimately helping myself.


The industry is also always in motion, changing, evolving and continuing to reinvent itself. New technologies, new threats, new things to learn. There’s certainly not a lack of security technologies these days to help keep businesses secure. The trick is to work with clients to identify the specific technologies that will work for their unique situation and then implementing it so they’re able to minimize their threat profile. 


Greg is a Senior Marketing Product Manager at Optiv.