September 6, 2023

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of today, a strong data security posture has never been more crucial. As the complexities of the cyber world expand, enterprises are increasingly looking for robust, comprehensive solutions to secure their sensitive data assets.


One of our recent client collaborations at Optiv underscores the potential for enhanced data security through the strategic implementation of the Varonis platform. This blog post expands upon that experience and offers guidance for how you can achieve your organization’s data security objectives.



Deciphering Customer Needs

The client approached us with a specific requirement: to leverage Optiv's expertise in the implementation of the Varonis platform. Their goal was to effectively integrate this platform with all pertinent data sources to bolster their identity and data security goals.


In response to this request, our team embarked on an exhaustive review of the client's business requirements and the work's scope. This process involved grasping their specific data security challenges and understanding their long-term data security ambitions.



Plotting a Course for Success

Our team crafted a detailed project plan to ensure successful execution and ongoing tracking of the project's progress. This comprehensive planning phase enabled us to devise a strategic roadmap that catered to the unique needs of our customer, while ensuring alignment with their overarching data security objectives.


The next step was the actual deployment of the Varonis platform, which we integrated with various in-house and cloud-based data sources. This integration's versatility allowed for expanded monitoring capabilities across all relevant data sources, providing an elevated level of data security.



Optimization and Accuracy

Moving ahead, our team fine-tuned various configurations within the Varonis platform. Our approach was twofold: capitalizing on industry best practices and tailoring solutions to satisfy our client's specific environmental needs and use cases. This optimization process yielded a more efficient and effective utilization of the Varonis platform, thereby enabling our client to expedite their journey toward their data security goals.


As an integral part of the project, we analyzed the data classification results and initiated alerts to identify any false positives. This step substantially improved the precision of sensitive data discovery and curtailed alerting noise, thus empowering our client to concentrate on essential security alerts.



Risk Assessment and Operations Guide

Our partnership with the client extended into a comprehensive risk assessment of their data environment. This crucial phase enlightened the client about the existing risks to their data. We shared guidance on how to prioritize and counter these risks effectively, thereby fortifying their data security landscape.


At the end of the assessment, Optiv equipped the client with a thorough operations guide. This detailed the deployment architecture, installation procedures and product configuration— enabling our client to autonomously maintain and manage their new security system.



Data Governance Program

To conclude our project, Optiv aided the customer with recommendations and a path forward to leveraging the full operating capability of the Varonis platform. To accomplish this, Optiv advised the customer on the creation of a data governance program roadmap to help them further mature their data governance function and processes with a comprehensive Varonis implementation method.



Call to Action

Our journey with the client exemplified Optiv's ability to tailor the implementation of the Varonis platform to significantly boost an organization's data security. We remain committed to steering businesses towards a more secure digital future, while providing support at every step of the way.


Are you interested in learning how Optiv can help you fortify your data security with Varonis? Contact us today and harness the power of Optiv! We look forward to discussing your specific requirements and exploring how we can support you in achieving your data security goals. Remember, data is what organizations have the most of and know the least about. Let us help you.

Jeremy Bieber
Partner Architect for Varonis | Optiv
Jeremy is Optiv's Partner Architect for Varonis, specializing in understanding unstructured data, data governance/compliance and data protection.

With over 22 years of experience, Jeremy began professionally working with technology during the late 1990s at Electronic Data Systems and later at Hewlett-Packard. In 2016 he joined Varonis, consulting with clients and implementing the Varonis Data Security Platform to ensure client achievement of least-privileged access models and proactive threat detection, locating and ensuring sensitive-data compliance on-premise and in the cloud.

Over the course of his career, Jeremy has achieved a range of industry certifications including over a dozen Microsoft certifications, certifications from VMware, Hewlett-Packard, Smarsh and Varonis. He can pull from his lengthy experience including system administration, architecture, engineering and consulting to provide a seasoned focus on data security.

At Optiv, he uses this real-world experience to relate how the Varonis Data Security Platform will enhance the overall security goals for our clients, reduce risk, detect abnormal behavior and ensure compliance.

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