Identity Orchestration: Design Seamless End-to-End Digital Experiences

November 17, 2022

Experience is everything. When customers interact with a brand digitally, they expect the entire journey to be easy, personalized and without friction. In a privacy-conscious climate, people expect companies to keep their personal data private and secure.


These seem like pretty reasonable expectations — but many businesses still struggle to meet them when they’re trying to build great digital experiences. That’s because moving from expectation to reality means balancing the tension between three seemingly conflicting priorities: convenience, security and privacy.


Businesses tend to do well with one priority while falling short on the other two. For example, their security might be top-notch, but the user experience really isn’t convenient and data privacy is an afterthought. This often results in digital experiences that satisfy neither customers nor the business.


Identity orchestration offers an effective way to help you optimize all three in your digital experiences. It can help you remove complexities and friction across the entire customer journey and shape seamless digital experiences without sacrificing convenience, security or privacy.



What Is Identity Orchestration?

Identity orchestration is a flexible approach to designing, testing and optimizing digital experiences. It is a no-code/low-code approach to seamlessly weave together different services and applications into end-to-end customer journeys.


With an identity orchestration platform, your team can create automated workflows that integrate identity services like fraud detection, identity verification and authentication into critical digital touchpoints at every stage of your customer journey.


The value of identity orchestration is the control it provides across all your identity services, giving you the ability to visualize and map out how you’re using different services at every stage in the user journey. Identity orchestration makes it easy for your organization to render security invisible to the user (until it needs to be seen).


Using identity orchestration to create digital experiences allows your organization to rapidly iterate and optimize the user journey. By taking an intuitive, graphical approach to building out seamless and secure end-to-end customer journeys you can:


  • Experiment with different workflows to drive engagement
  • Swap out or test different vendors to manage cost-effectiveness
  • A/B test different experiences to measure performance


With identity orchestration, you can push these tests and optimizations into production rapidly. It shortens the time to market for new features and technologies such as fraud detection, ID proofing and passwordless authentication that not only keep users secure, but also provide frictionless experiences.



Identity Orchestration Is Your Digital Experience Secret Weapon

Identity orchestration gives you the power to design and deploy digital experiences that bring together convenience, security and privacy without compromise. It’s a secret weapon that can help outmaneuver the competition. That’s because identity orchestration sets the bar for how your customers engage with your digital channels in three key ways:


  1. Gives Your Team an Agility Boost
    Low-code/no-code identity orchestration frees up your teams to focus on building experiences, instead of spending weeks or months developing custom integrations to connect to multiple vendor solutions or homegrown systems. Your team can rapidly test experiences without waiting for technical support, which means that they can keep focusing on what’s important: delivering customer experiences that drive engagement and revenue.

  2. Ensures Consistent Experiences Across Every Channel
    As your digital usage grows, the number of digital touchpoints your business must design and maintain increases. Identity orchestration makes it easy to optimize the digital experience across multiple applications, devices and use cases. That helps ensure that your customers enjoy consistent, personalized journeys with your brand — no matter what channel they choose to use.

  3. Be in Full Control of Your Customers’ Experience
    Identity orchestration allows any customer identity or business service to create the perfect digital experience. Your business will have full control over what vendors and services you want to integrate into your digital experiences so that you can generate the greatest impact and highest engagement when interacting with your customers.


If you have a vision of the perfect digital experience, identity orchestration makes turning it into reality much easier. By seamlessly integrating the necessary customer identity services with your business applications, you can design, test and optimize digital experiences that satisfy your customers and drive value for your business — eliminating friction, enhancing security and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.


Want to learn more about how Optiv and Ping are building exceptional experiences using customer identity? Download our joint brief on Orchestrating a Zero Trust Masterpiece.

Jordan Griffith
Product Marketer | Ping
Jordan Griffith is a product marketer focused on evangelizing the power of customer identity and access management (CIAM) for enterprises and how identity can help brands deliver extraordinary experiences that can provide business impact.

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