Optiv Future Point® Explores Future Tech Pain Points and Solutions

July 14, 2022

We know the pain felt by security and risk leadership … and we understand the stakes all too well. It’s difficult to keep track of what day it is, let alone what myriad changes are happening in the universe of security technology solutions. You’re trying to defend your business while doing business, and it’s not getting any easier.


That’s why Optiv is launching Optiv Future Point®.


Optiv has a unique cybersecurity perspective, enabled by the following:


  • We live here, too. We deliver across the entire spectrum of cybersecurity via thousands of engagements each year: advising, deploying, maturing, and operating solutions in various operating environments customized to our client's needs
  • We drive billions of dollars of security investments for our clients each year, so our purview is unique for its scale and accuracy
  • We routinely work with CISOs to help them evolve their security posture, which grants us a diverse vantage point into challenges across many industries
  • We cultivate a network of cybersecurity-focused VC, PE, incubators and strategic partners and gather perspective from their thematic investment plans
  • We crave and delve into the practical-and-tactical: our R&D team and Source Zero community are relentlessly proving what’s next and what’s possible in cybersecurity


These powerful elements combine to underpin Optiv’s stance on evolving cybersecurity trends and enables our capability to identify bleeding-edge technology allies that are attacking current and future industry challenges.


It cannot be overstated: the technology landscape is immense and constantly shifting; cybersecurity must keep up to properly defend businesses. Never-ending change drives the ceaseless need for the identification and implementation of controls that will reduce risk and provide a solid defense.


With Optiv Future Point, our intention is to identify, vet and increase visibility for Optiv solutions and innovative technology partners to better provide that defense.


Based upon our unique vantage point, with this initial cohort we’ve identified the four areas of data security, IoT/OT security, application security and vulnerability/risk remediation as likely future pain points that align to Optiv solution roadmaps. An in-depth examination of those areas and the companies addressing them can be found in our Optiv Future Point white paper here.


We sincerely hope this research will be useful to clients toward becoming more aware of issues-in-stride as well as prospective solutions to those issues.


Watch this space: as we continue providing ongoing perspectives on market trends, new challenges and technology innovators across the cybersecurity terrain.


If you’re interested in becoming an Optiv Future Point cohort member, please contact us at future-point@optiv.com.

Woodrow Brown
Vice President, Research & Development | Optiv
Woodrow Brown has over twenty years of leadership, service delivery and research experience. As vice president research and development at Optiv, Brown's team analyzes market and technical trends providing continuous input into Optiv’s solution roadmap. Cutting through industry spin, Brown delivers research that provides an accessible understanding of how security technologies can provide optimal business outcomes.

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