Advanced Detection and Response (ADR)


Threat Detection and Response, Tailored to Your Needs

Organizations Need a Unified Approach

From network to endpoint, managed to bespoke — there’s now a threat detection and response (D&R) solution for every aspect of your security journey. Each iteration (and its ideal application) can look vastly different from organization to organization.


The modern enterprise needs a solution as unique as its business.


Optiv’s Advanced Detection and Response (ADR) works with your organization to comb through the D&R clutter and find the ideal solutions for your business needs. ADR delivers tailored detection and response backed by technology, real-time intel and deep expertise applied at touch. Bottom line: ADR finds and neutralizes threats fast, so you can focus on what matters.

What Is Advanced Detection and Response?   

Fusing the strengths of previous evolutions, Advanced Detection and Response offers a comprehensive suite of threat-informed defense solutions to rule them all. ADR provides an array of intelligence-based solutions and tailors them to organizations to correlate security events, identify incidents and protect your environment end to end.


ADR Diagram



ADR Delivers

Curated Approach to Security

Tailored threat model and detection engine


Comprehensive Threat Lens

Threat-informed coverage for current as well as future threats


Purpose-Built, Managed Service

Data, integrations and platforms engineered for ongoing success  


Top Industry Talent 

Highly experienced industry veterans guiding your security program

Complete Visibility and Analytics 

Smart detection engineering, threat analysis and user interface (single pane of glass management) 


Infinite Scalability and Resiliency

IF a process is repeatable, THEN automate it. Our solutions flex according to your needs 


Reduced Risk

Relentless focus on what matters 

Tailored Technology, Talent and Expertise


So, how does Advanced Detection and Response stand apart? For starters, ADR provides:

A complete suite of offerings to understand the state of your security

To help you succeed with your unique security agenda, Optiv offers:




Watch MXDR in Action

ADR Meets You Where You Are…


…then gets you to where you want to be. From a strategy perspective, ADR centers on your organization, forging the right processes, data frameworks and tooling to let your security teams be creative and problem solve. We will design a full operating model within your environment, or ours, that evolves as fast as you - and your threats - do.



  • North Star 
  • Policies (logging standards)
  • Co-managed SIEM
  • Business critical processes
  • Regulatory/compliance 
  • Architecture 




  • Engineering
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Configurations 
  • SOP



  • Collection
  • Transport
  • Transform
  • Enrich
  • Consumption
  • Data model 



  • Analysis: tooling, content, triage and threat hunting
  • Analytic workflows
  • Threat model
  • Responses 
  • Metrics
  • Detection engineering and analysis

Network Access


  • Automated responses
  • Threat intelligence 
  • Vulnerability management
  • Case management (ticketing) 
  • API

Health & Resiliency


  • Health: data, platform availability, content and service
  • Control outcomes
  • Remediation
  • Continuing control validation

Detection and Response Experts With the Right Touch


Wait till you meet our tailors. Optiv’s ADR experts bring 150 years of collective cybersecurity experience to every engagement - aptly balancing, applying and integrating D&R solutions to complement the individuality of each organization and supercharge it. We’ll work with you to engineer a tailored, holistic and future-built threat detection and response program. Most importantly, we’ll set you up to succeed.  


Optiv Methodology: Advise, Deploy and Operate

  • 24/7/365 coverage from twin SOCs 
  • Real-time threat intelligence 
  • Advanced Fusion Center customization
  • Process automation  


Security at Scale


Global delivery centers


Technology and industry certifications


Technology partners

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