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Source Zero Con is a virtual event bringing the technical community together to educate future security leaders. This video repository features the latest presentations and interactive workshops led by Optiv’s Source Zero research and innovation team. Browse the archives for expert insights on emergent security concepts and capabilities from various practices, including Attack and Penetration, Application Security, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics and Incident Response.

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AI for Red Teamers (What It Looks Like When the Matrix Actually Comes for You)

Speaker: Tim Elrod


Breaking Into the Cloud

Speaker: Aaron Martin & Savannah Lazzara


LOLBins – The Quieter Way

Speaker: Mattia Campagnano


Hacking a Bird

Speaker: Tim Fake


Deliberate Engagements – Using USAF Ops Battle Rhythm for Pen Testing

Speaker: John Quadrino


Pre-Windows 2000 Backdoors and Bypasses

Speaker: Garrett Foster


Do You Know What Your API is Doing?

Speaker: Bryce Harty


Automating Offensive Security Infrastructure

Speaker: Joe Berry


Current State of Linux Rootkits

Speaker: Phillip Haas


Gaining a Foothold: Penetration Testing as a Second Career

Speaker: William Giles

Cyber Resilience and Incident Response

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This Talk is About Incident Response Processes

Speaker: Curtis Fechner


Cyber Insurance: Why It’s an Asset NOT a Liability in a Cyber Event

Speaker: Dara Gibson


How to Use AI for Decision Making for Vulnerability Remediation Planning

Speaker: David Halka


Optiv Vulnerability Management Maturity Model

Speaker: Luis Castillo


Don’t [You] Forget About [Me]…(or Forgotten Components of a Vulnerability Management Program

Speaker: Vince Pascale


Business Email Compromise (BEC) & Phishing Investigations in Office365

Speaker: Justin Safa


Ransomware: An Epidemic for the Digital Age

Speaker: Matthew Waddell


Cyber Insurance – Panacea or a House of Cards?

Speaker: Bill Young

Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Vertical Risk Reports and You: Practical Applications of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Speaker: Emily Lee & Nick Hyatt


The “I” in CTI: “Intelligence” or Just “Information”. Re-applying Risk and Fundamentals Back into Intelligence

Speaker: Aamil Karimi


One Piece at a Time: A Guide to Building a CTI Program

Speaker: Nick Hyatt

The Nooks and Crannies of AppSec Programs

Speaker: John Tsangaris


Ghost in the Machine: Adversarial AI Attacks

Speaker: Nikhil Ollukaren


Securing Your AWS Cloud: Best Practices and Pentesting Techniques

Speaker: Prasad Nadkarni


Is Your SBOM a Dud or Da Bomb

Speaker: Doug Rogahn


Assessing iOS Application

Speaker: Vandan Pathak


Software Composition Analysis: Tools and Techniques

Speaker: Rushyendra Reddy Induri


Security Risks with Low-Code and No-Code Application Development Platforms

Speaker: Dan Sharp


Developers Gone Wild

Speaker: Tim Farley


(Security) Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
Speaker: Brendon Collins

Managing Perspectives for Assessment Reports with Few or Zero Findings

Speaker: Mayank Singh

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