Redefinition of SASE

August 2, 2022

In February 2022, Gartner released clarification for the SASE framework along with a new Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Security Services Edge and the Critical Capabilities for Security Services Edge (SSE) report. The new SSE MQ, led to the retirement of the Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) MQs. This clarification helped distinguish two main service/product areas, WAN Edge Services and Security Services Edge, where previously the messaging grouped all these capabilities together.


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Netskope’s Approach to SSE

Along with Gartner’s redefinition of SASE and introduction of SSE, Netskope released four core tenets that an SSE platform must address. These tenets are:


  1. Security Must Follow the Data
  2. Security Must Be Able to Decode Cloud Traffic
  3. Security Must be Able to Understand the Context Surrounding Data Access
  4. Security Can’t Slow Down the Network


Additional details for each of these core tenets, can be found in Jason Clark’s Blog post:


Netskope’s core SSE tenets are addressed by their best of breed products, technology, and network integrated into a single easy to use tenant. For additional details on Netskope’s product capabilities, please visit



The Future of SASE, WAN Edge Services and Security Service Edge

While some think that the redefinition of SASE and SSE by Gartner was a step backwards, I believe it provided a much-needed clarification. This clarification now provides better delineation between the SASE framework that will allow potential customers to more clearly define their internal requirements to ensure they are picking a correct solution or solutions for their business. This clarification will force the security and networking vendors to be able to clearly define if they’re a WAN Edge Service, SSE, or if they may have capabilities in both areas which likely contributed to the misunderstanding of SASE in the market over the last two years.



Interested in experiencing Netskope’s SSE capabilities?

Optiv has monthly Netskope SSE workshops that allow potential customers to get a hands-on experience with Netskope’s SSE capabilities across cloud, web, and private applications. Our workshops are led by our Netskope Partner Architect, Matt Frank.


What can you expect during the event?


  • 2.5 hours of hands-on experience with Netskope Intelligent SSE
  • Instructor-led, lab-based workshops taking you through Application Discovery, Classification, Instance and Activity Visibility and Control, Data Protection, and Private Applications


If you are interested in experiencing Netskope’s SSE capabilities in a workshop, please reach out to your Optiv sales team for more information and to get registered.

Matt Frank
Partner Architect for Netskope | Optiv
Matt is Optiv’s Partner Architect for Netskope, specializing on how Optiv helps customers move to a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) / Security Service Edge (SSE) architecture utilizing Netskope’s platform.

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