Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): A Comprehensive, Unified Solution Against Cyber Threats

June 05, 2024

In an era marked by rapid digital transformation and evolving cyber threats, the traditional paradigms of network and security have undergone a significant evolution. The once-reliable fortress of the corporate edge has given way to a new, dynamic landscape characterized by cloud adoption, remote work and BYOD culture. The need for a holistic approach for network and security has never been more pressing.


That’s where Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) comes into play. SASE is a transformative architecture that redefines how organizations safeguard their digital assets, while ensuring seamless connectivity for today's distributed workforce.



The Evolution of SASE

The shift away from the traditional trusted perimeter model has been propelled by the widespread adoption of cloud technologies, remote work and the abundance of mobile devices. Enterprises are no longer confined to the boundaries of their corporate data centers, as applications and data have migrated to the cloud. This decentralization of resources has rendered the traditional security perimeter obsolete, requiring a new approach for network and security.


SASE represents a shift in how organizations approach network and security architecture. By consolidating network and security functions into a unified, cloud-native platform, SASE enables organizations to seamlessly manage and enforce policies across diverse environments. From SD-WAN and WAN optimization to CASB and Zero Trust Network Access, SASE encompasses a comprehensive suite of capabilities designed to secure access to applications and data from any location, on any device and over any network.


By integrating identity, continuous trust assessment, role-based access and device posture into its architecture, SASE ensures that security policies are adaptive. Additionally, its cloud-native design enables scalability and flexibility, while its support for all edges ensures comprehensive protection across the entire network infrastructure.



What’s Driving the Shift?

With rapid digital transformation comes newer, complex security issues. Thus, there are several factors that are driving the adoption of SASE, including the limitations of legacy networks, the need to accommodate remote work, the inability of traditional security appliances to scale and the complexity introduced by disjointed solutions. Additionally, the necessity of a modern and mature DLP program, the shift towards Zero Trust Network Access and the desire for platform-based approaches are accelerating the need for SASE across industries.


This underscores countless benefits for organizations, including simplified technology management, cloud scalability, enhanced remote user experience and the convergence of networking and security functions. By providing secure access and simplified management, SASE empowers organizations to improve their overall cybersecurity efforts, performance and user experience.



Common Use Cases and Challenges

From securing hybrid workforces and minimizing attack surfaces to preventing data loss and streamlining policy management, SASE addresses a wide range of use cases critical to organizations. By providing efficient connectivity to web and cloud services, eliminating the risk of lateral movement and enabling granular role-based access, SASE ensures comprehensive protection against evolving threats.


Despite its potential benefits, the adoption of SASE is not without its challenges. Organizations may face obstacles such as current investments in legacy infrastructure, increased dependencies on external providers, network complexity and organizational hurdles. Navigating these challenges requires careful planning and a clear understanding of the organization's goals and priorities, which can be achieved by strategically aligning with a trusted partner.



Advise, Deploy and Operate

As organizations continue to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, embracing SASE is not just a choice but a necessity for staying ahead in today's threat landscape.


From advising on SASE adoption strategies, offering a Zero Trust Maturity Assessment and technology consolidation and rationalization services, to providing award-winning implementation services and ongoing operational support, Optiv is committed to helping clients harness the full potential of a SASE architecture.


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Anthony Tanzi
Partner Architect-Palo Alto Networks-Strata | Optiv
Anthony Tanzi has more than 20 years’ experience in the networking and network security space. As a Partner Architect focused on Palo Alto Networks, Tanzi is responsible for Optiv’s pre-sales enablement and support to accelerate growth between Palo Alto Networks and Optiv in existing and new markets across the U.S. and Canada. This includes training and enablement of the pre-sales team as well as supporting them in pre-sales Palo Alto Networks conversations as well as assisting in proof of concepts, running Ultimate test drives, perform best practice assessments as well as being a technical sounding board for Optiv customers. Tanzi works directly with Optiv’s dedicated Palo Alto Channel SE to drive technical enablement as well as being an advocate for our customers. He is also focused on supporting Optiv’s post sale implementation team and working with marketing on Palo Alto specific campaigns.

Tanzi came to Optiv as part of the acquisition of the Philadelphia based integrator Comm Solutions in 2017. While at Comm Solutions for 10 years, Tanzi lead the Palo Alto Networks practice as a pre-sales engineer, post-sale implementation engineer, certified Palo Alto instructor as well as holding his own Palo Alto user groups and other marketing functions and support.

Tanzi is a member of Palo Alto Networks Cyberforce and was the first partner engineer to reach the highest level of “Cyberforce Hero” in the United States as well as being the first worldwide to be awarded “Ultimate Cyberforce Hero”.

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