Implementing a PAM Solution Without Compromising Environmental Integrity



Optimizing an intricate environment
A large pipeline system in the United States found itself facing increasing tension to implement a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution as a result of previous cyber incidents. The system was under pressure from government regulations and internal stakeholders to fortify their environment. The client initially engaged with a different provider, however. The unique requirements of the pipeline system, such as connectivity to their operational technology (OT) environment, led to misaligned technical recommendations and a growing sense of unease within the organization.
It was pivotal for the client to have direct controlling access of their current, air-gapped environment without compromising its integrity. Recognizing the critical need for a trusted partner with proven expertise in PAM implementation, Optiv was engaged as the preferred vendor to rectify the situation.



How Optiv Helped


Dividing and conquering to ensure full integrity
Experts at Optiv assessed the pipeline system’s environment and concluded it would need to be divided in two, based on the regulatory guidelines for segmenting IT and OT policies and controls. IT resources would migrate to the privileged cloud, while OT would utilize their existing, on-premises environment. Optiv’s intricate architectural work, specific to the pipeline system’s industry vertical, was needed when it came to separating the environments. Optiv experts deployed their services and approach for the IT environment, while expertise from the leadership team guided the OT environment design.
The client had also previously implemented CyberArk identity security solutions, making its expansion seamless using CyberArk’s flexible architecture to establish audit compliance, automatic password rotation on privileged accounts, session management and multi-factor authentication integration for additional security. Focused, concise documentation was also provided to the client to help guide them on the proper architecture needed for their business.

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Industry Served: Oil and Gas

Client Challenges

  • The client had previously attempted to obtain a PAM solution with a different vendor, but needed more technical expertise
  • Controlling access of an air-gapped environment was needed without compromising environmental integrity
  • Understanding regulatory requirements and the impact to the business was a critical factor

Optiv’s Actions

  • Implement a PAM program that includes automatic password rotation on privileged accounts and session management using CyberArk identity security solutions
  • Complete the installation and testing of the IT environment, which had been partially deployed
  • Design and implement a similar program for the client’s OT environment that helps them meet regulatory requirements

Results/Client’s Success

  • The architectural design to split IT and OT environments helped the client achieve their desired outcome and limit other risk factors
  • The client was able to check off their compliance requirements and secure their brand’s integrity
  • Optiv was engaged for further projects based on the creative solutions that were provided to alleviate their pain points

Next Steps

  • Optiv recommended an upgrade on the client’s IT CyberArk self-hosted environment and patching in the OT CyberArk cloud environment
  • Optiv remains as a trusted advisor for the client as they determine CyberArk expansion plans

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