Jumpstart Your Technology Consolidation and Rationalization Program

March 04, 2024

Security leaders are starting to look at their tool stacks for opportunities and efficiency gains. Inspecting existing security technologies can yield improvements in security posture and enable the organization to achieve more, all while saving money over time.


Optiv’s technology consolidation and rationalization starter kit will jumpstart your journey to evaluating and optimizing your existing cybersecurity tool stack to ensure technology investments show their worth over time.


The starter kit includes:


  • Seven actionable steps to begin optimizing your security tech stack
  • A how-to on building the foundation of a tool rationalization program and starting the inventory process of your security tech
  • A free security tool inventory template to help you hit the ground running

To learn more about Optiv’s technology consolidation and rationalization service,

visit https://www.optiv.com/services/technology-services/technology-rationalization