Leadership Perspectives

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other technology executives face unprecedented challenges. Their adversaries are unrelenting, creative and effective. Their defenses are complex, expensive and manpower-intensive. They have little, if any, empirical insight into how much money their organizations should be spending or on which areas that money should be spent. And, their inability to effectively measure and report on the security operation’s impact against corporate business goals makes it difficult for them to gain a “seat at the table” in the executive suite and the boardroom.



At Optiv Security, our unique team of former CISOs, security technologists and operations experts leverage their rich expertise to solve top cybersecurity challenges, including infrastructure bloat, operational waste and program accountability. We help you gain visibility into your organization’s entire risk posture, so you can make better decisions, faster. This enables you to shift from a scrambling defense to a proactive offense that protects and supports security operations and digital transformation initiatives, identity and access management, as well as risk and threat management programs.

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Cyber Digital Transformation

Digital transformation success depends upon an intelligent, secure infrastructure which adapts as business needs change and technologies evolve. It’s time to move beyond reactive approaches and instead, build a strong, holistic foundation for your security program. By doing so, your cybersecurity team can handle whatever the future brings.


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Security Operations

One-size fits all cybersecurity operation strategies are detrimental to organizations and often create new cybersecurity gaps. Striking the right balance of people, processes and technologies – and aligning to business goals –optimizes spending and maximizes positive outcomes.


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Identity and Data Management

We live in a hyper-connected world. Protecting user identity is more important than ever. Growth in cloud adoption, mobile devices and the consumerization of IT expands your digital footprint and thereby increases risk of a cybersecurity attack. How can you ensure that only authorized employees, partners and customers can seamlessly access the applications they need using trusted devices?


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Risk Management and Transformation

Data and technology are exploding throughout corporate networks and threat actors are using increasingly sophisticated methods to exploit the chaos. To adapt, you need to continually monitor and manage security risk in tune with business needs.


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Threat Management

Security threats come from everywhere these days – network connections, apps, web sites, social media, email and more. Your people use the digital tools and services they prefer to be productive. The downside: this makes it hard to detect and manage threats across this ever-changing environment. So, how can you effectively manage increasing threats to your business? Start by taking a new perspective to traditional threat management.