Our Story

Who is Optiv

Optiv Security is the world’s leading security solutions integrator (SSI). With years of experience supporting thousands of enterprise level clients, we know the solutions landscape better than anyone. We understand the challenges our clients face every day – because many of our people have occupied a seat on the other side of the table. Our unique team of former CISOs, security technologists and operations experts leverage an “I’ve experienced that, and solved that” perspective to deliver solutions that help our clients maximize and communicate the effectiveness of their cybersecurity programs.



As the world’s leading SSI, we take a strategic inside-out approach to cybersecurity. While the traditional threat-centric “outside-in” approach focuses first on identifying specific threats and then reacting with technology procurement, Optiv starts with core requirement of every enterprise - risk mitigation - and builds out from there with strategy, infrastructure rationalization, operations optimization and ongoing measurement.



This enables clients to build a sustainable risk-centric foundation for implementing proactive and measurable security programs that are far more effective at reducing current and future risk than is possible with the reactive outside-in model. And unlike the big accounting firms that provide strategy without execution, we stay with you all the way – delivering the clarity to get and keep your security tight and right.

Optiv Executive Leadership

With more than 150 collective years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, our executive leadership team is prepared to help you tackle all of your security-related challenges. Their deep commitment to client success and track record for challenging the status quo helps to fuel Optiv’s pioneering spirit. We continue to stay ahead of the latest innovations in security and give our clients a sustainable advantage by maintaining a singular focus as a pure-play cybersecurity company.