Cybersecurity Ventures Names Optiv Security One of the World’s Hottest and Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies



Ranks security solutions integrator No. 21 on 2018 Cybersecurity 500 List


DENVER – May 22, 2018 – Optiv Security, the world’s leading security solutions integrator, today announced that Cybersecurity Ventures has named it as one of the world’s hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies. Optiv secured the number 21 ranking on the 2018 Cybersecurity 500 list based on factors such as clients, corporate growth, notable implementations and problems solved by company solutions.


“Over the past year, Optiv has significantly grown its global presence, strengthened its executive leadership team, and added to its product and services portfolio, all of which have contributed to our impressive placement on the 2018 Cybersecurity 500 list,” said Dan Burns, Optiv’s chief executive officer. “But, our unique inside-out approach to cybersecurity is what truly differentiates us from competitors and has enabled us to be so successful. Rather than allowing external factors like the constantly shifting threat landscape dictate security spending and strategy, Optiv focuses first on balancing business requirements with enterprise risk. From there, we help our clients build sustainable and proactive security programs designed to rationalize infrastructure, optimize operations and prioritize measurement. In an age of massively complex infrastructures, advanced threats and a severe skills shortage, this model empowers our clients to simplify security while gaining the clarity and assurance they need to effectively manage risk now and in the future.”


Optiv’s inside-out approach provides clients with a number of compelling business benefits, including:

  • Right-Sized Technology Spending - Optiv works with clients to help them rationalize technology infrastructure by understanding their risk models, and then applying reference architectures to guide the mix of technology tools and services. This often results in reduced technology spending and operations costs, while strengthening overall security posture.
  • Optimized Operations Once enterprises rationalize their infrastructure, they can make informed staffing decisions for managing that infrastructure. To date, security remains the only element of IT that has not undergone widespread business-process optimization – Optiv’s inside-out approach is designed to bring security in line with other areas of IT with predictable and measurable operational processes.
  • Future-Proof Security Optiv’s inside-out approach enables clients to build a sustainable, risk-centric foundation for implementing proactive and measurable security programs. This approach is intended to create a superior platform for addressing current threats, and also to provide security organizations with the ability to effectively assess and address future threats, so they can take appropriate action to maintain the proper risk posture.
  • Business Alignment By rationalizing infrastructure and optimizing operations, Optiv enables security organizations to focus more time on strategic business objectives and less time on never-ending fire drills. This allows the security organization to become involved in key business initiatives at an earlier stage, which is intended to empower enterprises to seize new business opportunities without introducing undue risk.

About Optiv Security

Optiv helps clients plan, build and run successful cyber security programs that achieve business objectives through our depth and breadth of cyber security offerings, extensive capabilities and proven expertise in cyber security strategy, managed security services, incident response, risk and compliance, security consulting, training and support, integration and architecture services, and security technology. Optiv maintains premium partnerships with more than 350 of the leading security technology manufacturers. For more information, visit