Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS powers your business. Security is built in through an integrated platform across people, devices, apps and data. Leverage our Cloud Security Assessment to help identify complexities and define business goals, maturity levels and outcomes for building a roadmap to program success.


Together for Stronger Security

Accelerate Adoption and Secure Your Organization


Accelerating digital transformation initiatives continue to boost your capabilities but also dramatically expand business complexities and your attack surface. As organizations navigate these challenges, they need a proactive approach to security that embraces the mobile workforce and protects people, devices, applications and data wherever they’re located.


Optiv helps accelerate adoption to maximize your AWS investment. We secure your organization and reduce complexities by integrating built-in security solutions from AWS to manage and secure identities, protect your data, safeguard your cloud applications and stop threats. We have designed solutions specifically for AWS that are focused on business outcomes and creating clarity from cybersecurity complexity and chaos.



Why Clients Choose Optiv For Amazon Web Services

  • 100+ AWS Technical Experts
  • 100 + AWS Certifications
  • 100+ Global Security Advisors
  • Industry leading strategic technology consulting services
  • End-to-end services portfolio for cloud and security transformation
  • Top 5 AWS Partner for
    • Security Competency
    • Advanced Consulting Partner
  • Partnership Program Benefits
    • Proof of Concepts
    • Pilots
    • Assessments
    • Client Implementation Services Funding

Accelerate Business Transformation with Optiv Services and Solutions


Our tightly aligned partnership with AWS allows us to innovate together with our clients, providing the best technology solutions and services to address your unique business needs with end-to-end integrated solutions.


We deliver 600+ AWS services and more than 40 security capabilities for AWS to provide the foundation to achieve your business strategy goals. Our experts are available and ready to help.


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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions

Dedicated AWS Talent


We employ AWS certified professionals that provide the expertise your organization needs and deliver hands-on expert support throughout your entire cloud journey.

Optiv + AWS

AWS Marketplace


Our close partnership with AWS ensures you’re getting the best deal, maximizing the potential credits and incentives possible. Together, Optiv and AWS help create a secure foundation for the future that goes beyond tactics and tools, enabling a stronger cybersecurity program.


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Optiv + AWS

Leverage the strength of our partnership 


Optiv, as an SSI, goes beyond consulting with award-winning solutions for our implementation, migration, and management capabilities that assist clients through their AWS security journey and maximize their investment. 


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What's Next?


Leverage our Cloud Security Assessment to help identify complexities and define business goals, maturity levels and outcomes for building a roadmap to program success.


Amplify Your Cybersecurity Journey


Know where you are now, and what is next – with Optiv and our Partners.