Optiv and Google Cloud

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A Powerful Partnership

Reduce Cyber Risk and Enhance Efficiencies


Optiv and Google Cloud deliver clients unmatched security solutions. Combining the speed and scale of Google Cloud's security technology with Optiv's deep cyber expertise, we enhance the efficiency of security operations and reduce cyber risk across an increasingly volatile threat landscape.


Google Cloud services:


  • Google Security Operations Implementation and Maturity Services
    Combining the speed and threat intelligence of Google Cloud with the cyber expertise of Optiv, together we drive more effective security outcomes and faster ROI.
  • MDR and Co-Managed Google Security Operations
    Optiv brings deep technical capabilities and highly efficient operational processes to help you get the most out of your investment in Google Security Operations. Optiv’s experience in managing and responding to security incidents will drive effective outcomes to eliminate threats leveraging world-class threat intelligence from Google, Mandiant and VirusTotal.
  • Remediation Support
    Optiv works seamlessly with Mandiant, now a part of Google Cloud, to provide best-in-class remediation support to enable and accelerate your ability to recover and resume full operations following an incident.

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Why Clients Choose Optiv and Google Cloud

  • Scalable security operations solutions: Optiv helps clients improve defenses, boost productivity and achieve their security, operational and financial outcomes with Google’s SecOps and gen AI capabilities through managed, co-managed and self-service capabilities.
  • Incident response and remediation: Optiv’s expertise across the full spectrum of cyber threats coupled with Mandiant’s comprehensive incident response enables clients to quickly recover and resume full operations following an incident.
  • End-to-end SecOps transformation: Optiv is now an official solutions partner for Google Cloud, offering design and implementation services for effective cloud security feature adoption and data security.
  • Third-party solutions through Google Cloud Marketplace: Optiv provides independent security software vendor solutions through Google Cloud Marketplace, giving clients the ability to easily acquire and deploy the optimal Optiv solutions for their unique business needs and regulatory requirements.

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