Ransomware Security

Optiv provides organizations with all the cyber security tools, services and solutions required to effectively manage ransomware security.

Protect Your Data with Superior Ransomware Security

Recent outbreaks of ransomware attacks like WannaCry have made ransomware security a top priority for organizations worldwide. While it has been a significant cyber threat for a number of years, ransomware technology today represents a significantly higher risk to enterprise security. Attackers are quickly experimenting and adopting new techniques that make ransomware security more complex and costly.


Optiv can help. With a comprehensive suite of cyber security solutions, we provide organizations with all the tools required to manage ransomware security more effectively and to protect users, data, reputation and operations.


Ransomware Security with Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. Our team of security specialists provide the insight, expertise and experience that organizations require to plan, build and run or successful cyber security programs. We help businesses, governments and educational institutions to define security strategy, identify threats, deploy the right technology, improve security automation and enable security defenses against a wide range of risks.


Effective ransomware security involves four critical steps:


  • Mobilizing internal teams to create a coordinated response plan – before the first ransomware strike occurs.
  • Backing up and patching systems with a consistent, tested disaster recovery plan.
  • Having the right tools in place, including endpoint monitoring solutions, filtering extensions in email and software restriction technology like AppLocker.
  • Sharing security analytics and information about ransomware security with users and stakeholders throughout the organization.


Optiv Ransomware Security Services and Solutions

To help organizations improve ransomware security, we offer a wide range of services and solutions that include:


  • Security strategy services to address gaps, perform a security threat assessment, manage risk and allocate resources to better protect the organization.
  • Threat and vulnerability management services to discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses across all types of devices, and determine the feasibility of potential attack vectors.
  • Security architecture and implementation services to identify and deploy the right ransomware security technology.
  • Enterprise incident management services to help create a response plan as well as playbooks to help manage ransomware security incidents effectively and efficiently.
  • Education and training services that educate employees about ransomware security and the best way to safeguard data, protect company resources and avoid potential attacks.


With help from Optiv, organizations can more effectively prevent ransomware security attacks and mitigate the impact of successful attacks through greater security orchestration.


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