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Cyber Digital Transformation (CDX)

Scale to digital maturities with security by design

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What’s in a successful CDX program?

Cyber Digital Transformation Data Lifecycle Management Icon

Data Lifecycle Management to understand how data moves throughout your environment

Cyber Digital Transformation Orchestrate Icon

Orchestrate security embedded in digital strategies, platforms, applications and processes

Cyber Digital Transformation Design Deploy Operate Icon

Design, deploy and operate a highly resilient digital environment by optimizing and migrating applications, data and processes to cloud environments including automated solutions

Cyber Digital Transformation Implement Icon

Implement dashboard visualization to monitor cyber health and gather insights from the digital infrastructure, applications, and data

What are your CDX challenges?

The impact of technology on industry and innovation has been around for hundreds of years, whether we call it a “revolution,” an “era,” or a “trend.”

Today it’s the term “digital transformation” and it’s about engaging with new innovation or technology to accelerate organizational growth, increase efficiencies or pivot business goals. Digital transformation is not a moment in time, but an ongoing evolution of how and organization operates. Digital transformation is all around us.

Cybersecurity for digital transformation is not a point product, but a strategy that’s aligned with relevant business needs and evolving risks. If you create a secure foundation for the future that goes beyond tactics and tools, cybersecurity will enable business success. The complexity it introduces requires a new approach to cybersecurity. So where are you in your program? From initial planning through implementation and management Optiv helps you implement programs aligned with your business initiatives.

Achieving and maintaining your organizations CDX means addressing:

  • Talent shortages – driving automation and orchestration
  • Technology proliferation – poorly integrated point solutions impacting cost ownership and exposure
  • Risk and Trust – Securing digital interactions in a shared IT responsibility model
  • Data Explosion – Understanding, managing and creating actionable insight from business and security-relevant data
  • Compliance – Accelerating DX projects unencumbered by compliance, security and current security infrastructure - responding to regulatory changes and policy catch up
  • Data and analytics – Maximizing the value of data for business acceleration and advantage while ensuring privacy and security
  • Advanced, Persistent Threats - Combating threat actors leveraging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to carry out more sophisticated cyberattacks
  • Adaptable digital security management – Implementing security guardrails (not gates), seamlessly and securely connecting technology and people to business and policy

And we are just getting started.

Our process.

Whatever stage of digital maturity your organization is at (from no digital initiative to optimizing your current program) we can help you plan, build and run it to achieve your desired maturity and business outcomes. We’ll partner with you to resolve any magnitude of program, problem or project you are looking to address.

Cyber Ops Operation Icon

Advisory: Conduct an assessment and create roadmap using our cyber digital transformation framework and execute against the roadmap

Cyber Ops Advisory Icon

Integration and Innovation: Optimize new and existing technologies to bolster and align the security program with business transformation

Cyber Ops Integration Icon

Operations: Project solutions for cloud security, orchestration and automation, analytics and big data and product security. Doing it right means looking at it from every angle

Cyber Operations Process Diagram

Pursue your DX initiatives with confidence.

CDX Solutions Diagram

With us as your partner you will enable secure and compliant digital transformations:

  • Choose a consumption model based on your budget and required outcome – from consulting, to managed service, to as-a service
  • Effectively allocate and manage your budgetary roadmap
  • Confidently move data to the cloud, implement new processes and technologies to improve business, IoT, and so much more
  • Gain cost efficiencies by automating processes and modernizing technology stack
  • Manage risk through proper control of your organization’s structured and unstructured data and identities
  • Avoid regulatory fines and quickly meet audit requests and requirements
  • Create a positive customer/end-user experience leading to adoption, retention and brand loyalty

Meet the Optiv team.

Cyber digital transformation to keep up with new technology is fast moving and full of gaps. CDX can help your organization keep pace with rapid tech developments, but lack of strategy or a pieced together one can create security gaps. Your people want new tools, but business policies and procedures – as well as security concerns – can prevent you from evolving at the speed you need to, to stay ahead of the curve. We can help you secure your organization based on what you want to achieve, what services you need (on-prem or cloud), where your data lives and everything in between. Let's secure you from day one with an architecture that can grow with you.

We’re former CISOs, security technologies and operations experts leveraging a "been there, solved that" perspective you can trust.

  • Certified security solutions and third-party integration experts
  • Extensive backgrounds with hundreds of security technologies
  • PMP-and PRINCE2-certified project managers
"Our favorite part of working with Optiv is being able to have the technical conversations and get real recommendations. Optiv helps meet business and security outcomes."
- Large retail client, 2018
Secure your ongoing Cyber Digital Transformation with expert guidance and program options.

The fact is, digital transformation is a continuous evolution of innovation, achieved in progressive phases; not a point project.

We will help you design cybersecurity into your program earlier rather than later to ensure your organization remains secure as you continue driving business priorities.

Our Cyber Digital Transformation portfolio includes the following:

Cyber Digital Transformation Cloud Security Icon

Secure and efficient cloud adoption from secure cloud migrations and secure and compliant cloud service adoption to data protection, compliance and agility.

Cyber Digital Transformation Product Security Icon

Leverage the power of operational and IoT devices to securely provide insights into data to streamline operations and gain competitive advantages.

Cyber Digital Transformation Analytics/Big Data Icon

In order to accurately manage security and risk, clients must understand and manage their data to quickly derive insights in real/near-real time. From security and business intelligence to intelligent security data management, analysis and action, data science workspace and data value extraction.

Cyber Digital Transformation Automation & Orchestration Icon

From streamlined SecOps technology and workflow to modular, scalable API-driven systems to SecOps optimization and business automation.

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