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Technologies, process and people

Let’s face it – as your organization’s technology demands grow, mistakes happen, and productivity becomes a bigger concern. Rather than being built into the fabric of a solution, security is often treated as an afterthought.


Our orchestration and automation capabilities solve these issues for you and your business. From the deployment of complex environments that use bots to streamline back-office functions to monitoring security incidents; our full breadth of services will help save time, money and enhance your security posture with a security-by-design approach.


Let us eliminate lag time between tasks, enhance security posture, reduce mean time to resolution and minimize operator intervention - all while recording and measuring your improved, strategic KPIs.


You need a use case-centric approach that aligns your orchestration and automation program to your specific business needs and resources. And we deliver it – a predictable and scalable implementation plan that will also enable you to leverage your orchestration and automation program to identify gaps and predict and manage new risk.

How do we do it?


Develop an overall organizational strategy Icon


Develop an organizational strategy


Reduce the acquisition of overlapping technologies and duplication of effort, as well as address unique business needs and regulatory compliance. Leverage a standardized deployment framework and reusable code.



Accelerate time to value Icon


Accelerate time to value


Prioritize use cases based on impact to efficiency, security posture and level of development effort in order to rapidly bring value to the organization.



Measured Results Icon


Measured Results


Identify metrics and KPIs that will quantify outcomes aligned to your business goals.


Leverage the right automation technology

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What questions do you need answered about cybersecurity orchestration and automation (OA), its effectiveness and how would you go about getting those answers? If the process is inefficient and painful, we can help you assess, design, implement and run programs and projects to solve these problems.


Correctly deployed, orchestration and automation can dramatically reduce your level of effort and costs which may allow budget to be reallocated for the implementation of a strong program. We can help do this by identifying your existing and future technology and service's needs, along with budgetary quotes and expenditure justification. Orchestration and automation is also available as a service, allowing you to attribute the cost as an OpEx instead of a CapEx.


We assess, design and implement cybersecurity orchestration and automation solutions with the focus on business needs, pain points and regulatory compliance to develop customized use cases that provide immediate value to your organization’s security posture, efficiency and ROI. By leveraging existing and new technologies, we integrate disparate systems to optimize their combined value, reduce manual overhead, and enforce a streamlined and repeatable process.


In order to accurately manage security and risk, you need to understand and automate more processes.


Expert help with Orchestration and Automation


With Optiv by your side you’ll leverage orchestration and automation and quickly achieve business results.


Why? We focus on user outcomes by performing a discovery and identification of use cases based on business needs, pain points and regulatory compliance. Then we give a detailed framework for each use case and prioritize based on impact to efficiency, security posture and overall level of effort.


When applied correctly, orchestration and automation means better security. Contact Us

Our Orchestration and Automation services include:

  • Secure Robotics Process Automation
  • Security Orchestration & Automation
  • DevSecOps