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Secure OT/IoT and leverage for insights



Secure OT and leverage for insight

As your organization continues its digital transformation, operational technologies are connecting to the internet and the cloud in ways they were not originally designed or expected to be.


Historically, the lack of connectivity to other systems provided a fairly high level of security since a device needed to be physically accessed to alter its programming (no remote access). Today’s additions of new sensor technology, advanced robotics and IoT devices allow your organization to maximize your digital transformation and utilize the information to manage technology better, increase output, and reduce costs and downtime. However, these additions are also adding more significant levels of complexity to your organization, the networks on which you do business and the security of the network itself.


To utilize this data, operational technologies– such as medical devices, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller), sensors/meters, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) need to be integrated with it out of necessity. However, IT and OT have historically been separate organizations with siloed data pools and misaligned missions and goals. IT wants speed and innovation and OT prefers stability and reliability. The effort to utilize the data provided by new devices significantly alters an organization’s threat landscape, opening vulnerabilities that previously could not be exploited. Integrating IT and OT environments to provide actionable data while maintaining security can uncover challenges such as:



  • Unknown hardware connected to the network
  • Air gapped networks not architected for modern networking
  • Antivirus and NGEP (Next-Gen Endpoint Protection) not understanding OT context or threats
  • IT not having data from edge environment



Our Product Security Services can help your organization converge IT and OT systems and processes to securely deliver data analysis from OT devices to gain competitive advantages, greater efficiencies and new market opportunities.


It’s time to get IT and OT not just talking but collaborating.

How do we do it?

Optiv OT Assessment Services help organizations take operational advantages of the data available in OT devices spread throughout their organization.




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 Review Environment


Understand current environment and future goals.



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Define risk and best practices in a converging technology landscape.



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Blueprint Designs


Built on risk-based recommendations define how your organization uses data to build a security blueprint to meet future needs.



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Harden and Connect


Overlay modern security practices on legacy networks to leverage modern computer technology. Gain technical validations with detailed roadmaps and real-time visibility and threat modeling to transform their operations.



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Physical Security Assessment


Detailed review and identification of critical physical vulnerabilities.



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IoT Discovery


Tap into your own production network to find unauthorized IoT devices.


Cyber Digital Transformation with IoT security

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Use of multiple layers of protection is the driving principle for traditional enterprise security. This includes firewalls, authentication/encryption, security protocols and intrusion detection/intrusion prevention systems. Embedded devices in both IoT and OT environments are often fixed-function devices used to perform a singular task. They sometimes entail stripped-down operating systems and are a challenge to secure. Pair this with many IoT/OT devices being pushed outside of traditional parameters via a user, a machine, or remotely and there are significant issues with bridging the gap between traditional IT and IoT/OT security.


And this is just the beginning.


Benefits of integrating OT and IT


Optiv's IoT and OT security solutions bring a best practice approach to assess, harden, implement and run security programs designed to aid you in closing the security gap with IoT/OT. Assessments for OT and IoT environments deal with proper segmentation, data security, secure code updates, authentication/authorization, secure communication and proper integration with IT SOC functions – all to help you bridge the gap and provide the visibility needed into these device states to properly manage risk. We partner with vendors to secure these environments and offer edge analytics to push security logic either down to the edge or ingest data into the cloud to gain full visibility into the state of connected devices within an enterprise. Currently, assessment and implementation services from consulting are the offerings Optiv CDX provides in a plan, build, run program.


What does your product security services solution look like? That depends on you. Our extensive capabilities provide real-world recommendations tailored to your company’s unique initiatives – the result is an enterprise-grade, scalable program. We assess, design, implement and manage an end-to-end program that is security-focused and aligned to your business goals. We take a very pragmatic and thoughtful approach in considering your current project workload, staffing constraints, and budget implications.


You’ll benefit from:



  • Securely adding OT/IoT to IT networks to get business insights from them
  • Achieving risk-based converged IT and OT programs
  • Streamlining Operations
  • Greater uptime
  • Higher revenues through competitive advantages
  • Lowered costs
  • Accelerated time to market



Our methodology produces an orchestrated plan that is stack-ranked according to the highest priorities for your business as you continue your digital transformation journey safely and securely.


You can become more IoT secure. Secure OT

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