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Data Governance and Protection

Gain full visibility into and control of your data.

Get Proactive

Effective data governance may be easier than you think.

Despite acknowledging the critical role data governance plays in the health of a business’s information security program, many top organizations still haven’t implemented effective governance and protection strategies. Some are perhaps stymied by its perceived complexity, and very few companies possess the expertise needed to go it alone.

Is your company not where you know it needs to be?

The good news is the path to a data governance program tailored to your specific requirements isn’t as daunting as you may believe.

How do we do it?
Data Governance and Protection Assess Icon

We conduct a rich, comprehensive evaluation spanning everything from strategic footing to tactical roadmap. The audit encompasses data security, privacy, governance and compliance requirements.

Data Governance and Protection Implement Icon

Now that we’ve understood and articulated your challenge, we’ll work with you to architect, design and align your technology implementation to your defined business goals.

Data Governance and Protection Consult Icon

Since a scalable, adaptive data governance and protection program requires an understanding of your culture, its strengths and weaknesses, we work with you to establish and reinforce strong communication channels between your business and technical stakeholders.

Data Governance and Protection Resources Icon

Our industry-leading position allows us to provide experienced, certified resources at scale across different security domains, assuring your company of a solution that’s as cost-effective as it is sophisticated.

Data Governance and Protection Deployment Icon

Our flexible, tailored delivery methodology enables successful deployment of mature data programs.

Data Governance and Protection Business-first Icon

Our methodology begins by understanding your company’s business objectives. IT solution components are aligned accordingly, assuring a fully integrated approach to reducing risk and protecting sensitive data.

Data governance: A business issue masquerading as a technical one.

Conceived and implemented properly, data governance programs are necessarily strategic. Reactive, tactical approaches may solve short-term issues, but at a cost. Without big-picture visibility into and understanding of your data, you could jeopardize your brand’s reputation, subject the company to hefty non-compliance fines and increase operational outlays. And inevitable inefficiencies mean fewer resources are available to address initiatives that actually drive business growth.

If the problem isn’t primarily technical, neither is the solution. An optimized and efficient risk posture aligned to strategic business requirements affords full visibility into the data lifecycle, allowing you to identify and manage sensitive information, securely support data movement to the cloud and address all relevant privacy requirements.

Could your program benefit from a savvy, strategic Identity Data Management (IDM) and Identity Access Management (IAM) partner in developing and integrating the business and technical processes required to implement a sound, responsive data governance and protection program? If yes, we would love to speak with you.

Data Governance and Protection Diagram

Here’s where we can help.

Data Governance and Protection Diagram

Data Governance and Protection service components.

  • Data Governance and Protection Strategy
  • Active Directory
    • Azure AD Migration
    • AD Directory Assessment and Architecture
  • Data Governance
    • Data Classification Workshop
    • Data Discovery
    • Data Handling
  • Data Protection
    • Insider Threat Workshop
    • Data Access Governance
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • PKI and PKI Management
    • Database Security (Database Activity Monitoring - DAM)

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