Digital Forensics

Optiv’s experts guide organizations through the critical steps of forensic analysis after a security incident. Our team has the experience and knowledge required to manage the full lifecycle of an investigation, from collection to analysis.


Guidance in managing digital forensics investigations

Organizations must be agile in their response to security incidents in a complicated, dynamic security landscape. When an incident occurs, time is of the essence and tactical decisions need to be made quickly. With a limited set of qualified individuals capable of conducting thorough digital forensic investigations, it’s important to engage the right partner with extensive experience and knowledge in actively assisting organizations with these investigations.


Optiv’s experts begin pre-incident by identifying important data sets that need to be captured in the case of an incident. When an incident occurs, Optiv’s experts work with you to ensure proper storage and handling of evidence, recovery of volatile data, and coordination of investigation. Post-incident, Optiv provides you with the necessary tools and information to preserve and collect evidence to expedite future investigations.

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Optiv’s team guides and supports organizations during the critical initial steps, collecting and preserving important evidence to support the investigation.


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Optiv’s experts ensure proper handling and storing of evidence, recovery of volatile data, documentation, and coordination between technical and legal teams.


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Optiv works to build the strongest case available during investigation and recommends measures post-investigation to improve forensic analysis capabilities.


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