Incident Compromise Assessment

Optiv is a leader in incident response assessments and investigations for organizations of any size or industry, decreasing your risk and identifying if a compromise has taken place.


Limit your organizational and reputational risk.

Detecting when and how a system has been compromised is a capability many organizations lack. When a breach happens, it’s important to make sure you know about it quickly to mitigate your exposure and risk.


The Optiv team can partner with you to provide a compromise assessment. Our security and malware experts will examine your systems to determine if a compromise has occurred. We assess the incident, determine the areas of compromise and provide details of the event. If needed, we remove malware from your environment and advise on next steps.


With an understanding of regulations and data disclosure requirements, Optiv can help you comply with the law and limit your organizational and reputational risk.

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Our advisors will examine your systems for indicators of compromise and inform you of the scope of activity.


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Optiv’s knowledgeable experts will advise you of any steps needed to address your exposure, damage and potential liability.


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Our malware and persistent attack experts will collect evidence, determine a timeline and activity pattern, and remove malware and offending code.


How We Are Different

Why Optiv?


  • Experts minds, including 1,000+ highly skilled practitioners
  • Leading best practices tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Client-first culture ensures commitment to quality results that help you meet your business objectives
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Consolidated List of Optiv Services


  • Incident Discovery
  • Malware Remediation
  • Digital Forensic Investigation