Incident Management Development

Optiv’s experts help organizations reduce the likelihood of an attack or incident, secure their environment against threats, and recover from incidents while minimizing disruption.


Preparation is the key to response

Preparation and planning are essential to minimizing damage when an incident happens. So is having the right partner. Whether your issues stem from the mishandling of data by a well-intentioned employee or from a targeted assault by a skilled adversary, Optiv can help minimize the likelihood of an event and help your organization maintain business continuity.


Our expert team of incident responders, analysts and engineers have the expertise needed to develop plans and processes that drive response, eradicate malware and provide 24x7x365 response support, in the event of a breach or compromise.

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Optiv works with your organization to develop cohesive response strategies, including robust plans and playbooks.


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Our investigators and digital forensic experts have conducted thousands of investigations on systems around the globe, bringing world-class skills to your organization.


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Optiv’s disciplined approach helps you quickly recover from incidents and identify root causes to optimize your business processes and security program.


How We Are Different

Why Optiv?


  • Experts minds, including 1,000+ highly skilled practitioners
  • Leading best practices tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Client-first culture ensures commitment to quality results that help you meet your business objectives
  • Proven methodologies that ensure superior outcomes for your projects and programs

Consolidated List of Optiv Services


  • Incident Response Planning
  • Incident Response Playbook
  • Tabletop Exercise
  • Incident Discovery/Threat Hunting Exercise
  • Incident Response Readiness Assessment
  • Enterprise Incident Management Workshop