Incident Response and Recovery

Optiv experts help your organization weather the storm of a breach with our comprehensive incident response and recovery services.


Expert support when you need it most

Incidents and compromises can create major issues for an organization’s staff who may not possess the unique skills to assess and regain control after a cyber attack.


Optiv experts help you respond and recover with advice, guidance and hands-on expertise. Our services include securing the scene, defining the scope of the compromise, collecting and analyzing data related to the event, and issuing a report documenting the findings. In the event of an incident, Optiv can help uncover the attackers’ actions, detail the scope of compromise, identify steps to mitigate or limit data loss, and secure your business against future attacks.


For 24x7x365 incident response and recovery services, call (877) 310-0557.

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Optiv experts assess your systems, stop persistent attacks and limit losses from malware or a breach.


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Our disciplined approach helps you spot root causes and identify opportunities to optimize your security program.


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Optiv’s team helps you quickly recover from incidents, responding with guidance and hands-on expertise.


How We Are Different

Why Optiv?


  • Experts minds, including 1,000+ highly skilled practitioners
  • Leading best practices tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Client-first culture ensures commitment to quality results that help you meet your business objectives
  • Proven methodologies that ensure superior outcomes for your projects and programs

Consolidated List of Optiv Services


  • Incident Discovery
  • Incident Rapid Response (IRR) Program
  • Incident Response Advising
  • Incident Response Consulting