Optiv’s Cyber Recovery Solution (CRS)

Optiv's customized cyber recovery solution helps keep your data safe and recoverable.

Optiv understands the challenges faced within your organization’s recovery efforts


Businesses today rely heavily on technology and data. Though most organizations have developed strategies to access critical data during an outage caused by natural disasters or power disruptions, these strategies have proven to be ineffective during a cyber attack. Interconnected users, servers, cloud devices, and continuous web access results in an environment that is open for cyber criminals to significantly disrupt operations and/or take an entire network hostage.


There's a better approach. 


Optiv's Cyber Recovery Solution (CRS) supports the identification and protection of critical data that must be shielded from cyber attacks' impact while also enabling rapid recovery to a secure state.


With Optiv's CRS, you can prepare for the increasing threat of ransomware and cyber attacks by identifying, protecting, isolating, and recovering your business-critical data and associated systems. 


We deliver the resources, subject matter expertise, and technical solution to help your organization overcome the threat of malware replicating into your backup environment and ensures that your organization is prepared with immutable, clean backups.


Optiv’s approach to Cyber Recovery

Optiv experts help your organization develop a strategy that identifies the specific data that your organization must shield from cyber incidents. This is done by evaluating your existing recovery plan, regulatory requirement considerations, facilitated discussions across critical business units, etc.


Using our evaluation and your recovery objectives, we work with you to develop a broad strategy that enhances your existing recovery capabilities by determining: 


  1. where existing recovery solutions are adequate; 
  2. where enhanced security controls are required (e.g., automated isolation); and
  3. developing workflows to transfer your critical data to the vaulted solution automatically.

How it works

Optiv provides the professional experience and technical capabilities to deliver a solution that supports your company’s end-to-end recovery capabilities, by developing a cyber-resilient recovery strategy and implementing an ‘air-gapped’ vaulted solution that protects your data from cyber threats.

Critical Data Protection
Identification of critical assets and systems that are essential to continued business operations and must be protected in the event of a cyber attack. Analysis of organizational data, ensuring critical data that requires protection from cyber-attacks is properly classified, as well as development of a cyber resilient strategy for critical assets and infrastructure.


Cyber Resilience Solution
Developing a framework that integrates traditional backup solutions, enhanced security controls (e.g. automated host isolation) and an immutable vaulted ‘air gapped’ backup solution, with associated governance and procedures to secure business critical systems from destruction or deletion. Application of automated workflows that securely move business critical data into the isolated environment. Implementation of a vaulted air-gapped, data isolated solution.


Recovery Playbook
Developing and maintaining accurate recovery steps, ensuring resilience processes are identified, documented, and tested. Development of Response plans that accelerate recovery and ensure system and data accuracy, along with Live Recovery Exercises and Cyber Recovery Tabletops that test and continuously improve response procedures.



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