Identity Governance as-a-Service

Managed, cloud-based Identity Governance.


Upgrade your identity governance solution.

Where are you with your Identity Governance program? Is it working? Perhaps you have a partial program with disparate technologies and are struggling to administer it. Or maybe your organization is getting large enough so that it’s becoming unmanageable. You know you need help, but you may not be sure if the answer is technology or people (or both). And with the current talent shortage, you probably think you don’t have the resources.

What are your Identity Governance challenges?

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“Identity programs require specialized skill sets to support complex business requirements.”


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“We don’t have the expertise to manage so many identity systems and their integrations.”


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“Identity platform places additional costs to my Capex budget”


It's time to take another look.

Our comprehensive identity administration and governance platform provides a full-featured identity program utilizing a cloud subscription-based model. Pick from three levels.


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You can be “hands-on” or “hand it over”.

To solve your unique needs, we’ll ask the right questions, integrate the appropriate technology and then you can manage it. Alternatively, let us run it for you with a monthly service – you won’t need to worry about deployment and maintenance because our Identity Governance as-a-service does not require additional hardware or software. Imagine this type of simplicity.

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  • Access Request - Empower your business with a robust self-service platform for requesting and approving access to applications.

  • User Provisioning - Streamline your onboarding and off–boarding process with best practice configurations and workflows.

  • Access Certification - Automate the process of reviewing user access privileges across your organization.

  • Password Management - Offer users an intuitive, self-service experience for managing and resetting passwords from any device.

Plus, Identity Governance as-a-Service improves your ROI and security posture.

  • Lower IT staffing demands and service desk requests through automation
  • Streamline deployment (quick to get started)
  • Access identity experts – Our teams employ best practice methodologies to assist in the implementation and operation
  • Decrease your risk and compliance effort costs - Resolving audit findings
  • Integrate with your existing processes, tools and systems; augmenting and building on existing capabilities
  • Simplify and speed up business process modeling, reporting, alerting, and analytics

How we do it.

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System Availability

Access the platform and features when expected or needed.



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Maximize Investment 

Ensure that all applicable platform capabilities and feature sets, current and future, are utilized to reduce administration.



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Solution Management 

Maintain configuration control, system documentation and ensure durability of the solution over the long term.



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Enhanced Security

Integrate and configure two-step authentication processes and segregate authentication based on geography.



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Identity Management 

Grant the right access to the right user in the right context in a timely manner.




We deliver an enterprise-grade solution with the power to extend cloud benefits into your identity program – things like always available capabilities that are continuously up-to-date and accessible from any device. You get our best-practice approach to identity management challenges without worrying about significant software and skillset expertise investments or requirements. Access the platform features as needed – with confidence – because we’ll maintain configuration control, system documentation and ensure the solution services you access now and in the future work when you need them. And you get the ability to integrate and configure two-step authentication processes and segregate authentication based on geography. Plus we will ensure that all applicable platform capabilities and feature sets, current and future, are utilized to reduce administration.

Let's talk.

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