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In support of Texas House Bill (HB) 3834, the Texas Department of Information Resources has certified four Optiv cybersecurity training programs for state and government employees.

In addition to completing one of the programs below to meet the HB 3834 requirements, enjoy access to 100+ general end user courses. Additionally, if Clients elect to deploy training via Optiv’s platform, they will have access to simulated phishing technology.

No matter how advanced your security technology, every organization has risks associated with its workforce. Human risk is difficult to quantify because stakeholders must consider every type of threat, malicious, negligent and unwitting. Investing in a holistic program to educate and empower everyone who touches your network inherently reduces the risk by increasing awareness and impacting culture. In addition, employee engagement and retention increase when end users find educational content relatable, meaningful and aligned with their organization’s culture.

State, local and educational organizations can choose from various programs to help employees be more secure in their daily routines and, as a result, protect sensitive data. Each program helps employees develop positive behavior changes through engaging and meaningful coursework. Plus, this program can be hosted on an organization’s internal SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS) or Optiv’s LMS.

Transform your organization with these DIR-approved training programs

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Rapid Awareness


Microlearning courses that concisely examine focused security topics utilizing technology, examples and best practices that learners at nearly any experience level can use. (Includes: Cloud Security, Data Privacy, Email Security, Malware Basics, Social Engineering, Cyber Threat Actors.)




Security Awareness Training Experience




Comprised of 10-minute courses that use a gamified learning approach. The Masterminds, a group of cybercriminals, use CyberBOTs to commit cyberattacks in each course, and learners are tasked with defeating them. (Includes: Cloud Security, Data Privacy, Email Security, Insider Threat, Social Engineering.)

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Security Awareness Circuit Training


Immersive 10-minute courses where users are presented with real-world scenarios with the consequences of their actions affecting scenario progression. (Includes: Cloud Security, Data Privacy, Email Security, Insider Threat, Social Engineering, Malicious Downloads.)

Security Awareness Training Experience


Academic CyberBOT®


Comprised of 10-minute courses that use a gamified approach. The program combines courses for both students and teachers. As such, all are included in the approved program. (Includes: Cyber Threat Actors, Email Security, Password Security, Mobile Security Social Media Security, Cybersecurity Outside of School, Workplace Security for Educators, Data Privacy for Educators.)

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Every organization has risk associated with its workforce. Read more about security awareness programs here.