Application Security
Program Strategy


Identify People, Processes and Technology That Can Accelerate Your AppSec Program

Unseen Application Vulnerabilities 
Might Be Costing You

Even as software vulnerabilities grow in popularity as attack vectors, businesses continue to struggle with securing their applications. Newer and more complex apps are released every day – web apps, mobile apps, client-server apps – making it that much harder to find and fix the growing volume of vulnerabilities.


Yet, many organizations lack a formal application security program and do little more than the occasional scan of their software to secure their growing application environment. Even with the best scanning tools, it’s not enough to prevent expensive breaches or steep fines and costly litigation from non-compliance.


Optiv can help. Our application security experts meet you where you are to understand your current AppSec program, development practices and the effectiveness of your software development lifecycle (SDLC) frameworks so we can design a holistic application security program together. Working with your AppSec stakeholders, we’ll identify people, processes or technology that can be effectively deployed, create a secure baseline and chart a maturity roadmap customized for your organization’s unique requirements. 


A Robust Application Security Program = Peace of Mind



Reduce security risks by designing an

AppSec program that secures your

applications by design and meets

compliance requirements

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your

AppSec program is protecting your

internally developed and third-party

applications from exploitable


Leverage people and automation

to identify, triage and address


The Optiv AppSec Advantage


Optiv will meet you where you are in your AppSec journey, no matter where that is. Our AppSec Program Strategy services are designed to help you bring it all together and focus your efforts where they’re most important, whether that’s through threat modeling, hardening your software development lifecycle (SDLC), optimally configuring your technology stack or winning executive buy-in.


Optiv’s AppSec Program Strategy services are all about understanding where you have opportunities to improve your AppSec program and providing the tools and expertise you need to address them.


AppSec Program Services


Secure SDLC

Want a way to measure and quantify how secure your SDLC is? Optiv’s Secure SDLC services can help. We take an interview-driven approach to understand your current software security posture. Then our AppSec experts analyze the results to identify opportunities to improve on your people, processes or technologies. Then we’ll provide you with an actionable roadmap that you can follow to achieve success.


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