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IAM - Easier Than Ever with Azure Active Directory


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As Active Directory (AD) moves into its sunset years – Optiv is offering Microsoft’s newest offering, Azure AD (AAD), to bring your Identity and Access Management (IAM) into the future.


AD user and app authentication are legacy technologies. The progression from AD to AAD allows you to simplify your platform and is an up-to-the-minute, cloud-first approach. Current AD is dated - there are holes in its archaic infrastructure – so additional platforms are needed to fill in those gaps. AAD eliminates these spaces and has modern, flexible and native capabilities that were before only filled by third-party tools.

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The IAM Ecosystem


AD services for user and application AuthN and AuthZ rely on legacy technologies (Kerberos, LDAP, etc.) and have gaps, overlapping capabilities and additional risks due to integrations and interoperability of a wide range of point solutions.

The progression from AD to AAD allows you natively and seamlessly move to modern standards (SAML, OIDC, etc.) and leverage many additional integrated modern IAM security capabilities (SSO, MFA, IGA, identity protection, passwordless and more). All while providing native support for the existing uses of AD Domain Services and other on-prem resources.

Using third-party tools and platforms to fill the modern IAM deficiencies of AD increases overall complexity, cost and staff burden for your IAM ecosystem. Leveraging the native capabilities in AAD as the natural extension of existing AD infrastructure allows for a seamless and graceful evolution, without opening additional potential gaps due to integrations or interoperability of third-party tools.

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