Evolving Threats Need
a Smarter Approach


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The Need for Managed XDR



COVID changed the game for businesses, and attackers quickly took advantage.


  • Remote work models increased breach lifecycles by up to 58 days.*
  • Lack of security automation during this time prevented potential data breach cost reductions of 80%.* 
  • Attackers got even more creative and the average breach lifecycle grew to 287 days.* 


CISOs and CIOs from every industry have shared their frustrations when it comes to threat detection and response:


  • My staff is overwhelmed. We need a security partner who'll not just detect, but also initiate responses.
  • We’ve made investments in detection, but it’s created a lot of noise. So how do we prioritize the most important threats?
  • We are reactive. We need to identify known and unknown threats before they cause an incident.
  • Our technology footprint continues to increase; we need an advanced, automated solution to keep up.
  • We have a limited view into our networks. We think we know but I’m not truly confident in our capabilities.


That’s why we built Optiv Managed XDR. Together, we've got this.


* IBM Security Cost of a Breach Report 2021

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According to Gartner®, "By 2025 50% of organizations will be using MDR services for threat monitoring, detection and response functions that offer threat containment and mitigation capabilities.” *Gartner Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services, Pete Shoard et al., October 2021


What is Optiv Managed XDR?

We understand the cyber ecosystem because it’s where we live. It’s where we operate. It’s our octagon. Our MXDR solution’s secret sauce derives from that history: tested processes, proven IP, best-of-breed technology, leveraged automation and top-shelf talent to manage it all.


Optiv MXDR gives you these advantages:


  • It leverages your existing technology investments and environment. No new technology to purchase!
  • It lets you feel confident that you have the right set of security tools AND that they are integrated as well as automated.
  • It reduces the attack surface, detects threats faster and automates deep investigation through a continuous approach.
  • It lets you know which threats matter the most and offers rapid incident response and remediation assistance.



Optiv Managed XDR was named one of the hottest products at BlackHat 2021




So… What Does Optiv MXDR Do For You? 


Optiv Managed XDR is the only unified platform that automates incident investigation – enrichment, analysis, classification and response -– rather than relying on (scarce) humans. 




Our MXDR Experts Are Proven and Ready to Assist


We’ve done threat detection and response for our clients for years, delivering threat management solutions to >60% of the Fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to keep your business moving forward and help manage cyber threats, so you can reach your full potential.
Threat management is hard. Don’t go it alone.



Global delivery centers



Full-time security practitioners



Threat management analysts



Industry and vendor certifications

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Field Guide #8: How to Simplify and Strengthen Security with Managed XDR


MXDR is the most advanced threat detection and response available. This guide explains how these offerings compare, how MXDR works and how it can improve security outcomes while reducing risk.


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EDR vs NDR vs XDR vs MDR vs MXDR: WTH? - Decipher the D&R alphabet soup


Threat detection and response is cybersecurity’s core function, and throughout the years, tactics and techniques have evolved. The latest iteration – MXDR – incorporates the strengths of previous offerings. Learn how we got here. 


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Time For a New Approach to Threat Detection and Response


Limiting your organization’s exposure to risks calls for a managed platform that allows for security concerns to be anticipated and remediated proactively. That’s what Optiv Managed XDR is all about. Our MXDR infographic dives deeper into this game-changing threat management solution: It’s a what, where, how and why of MXDR.


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Threat Management



Our holistic threat management approach helps organizations discover strengths and weaknesses, identify vulnerabilities and malicious activity faster, respond rapidly, reduce threat actor dwell time, remediate issues and naturally build security into infrastructure and applications from the start, ensuring a stronger security posture.


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