Optiv’s Cyber Recovery Solution (CRS)


Optiv’s Customized Cyber Recovery Solution Helps Keep Your Data Safe and Recoverable.

Face Your Recovery Efforts Head-On 


Businesses today rely heavily on technology and data. Interconnected users, servers, cloud devices, and continuous web access results in an environment that is open for cyber criminals to significantly disrupt operations and/or take an entire network hostage.


What’s a good defense?

cyber recovery solution


Optiv’s Cyber Recovery Solution (CRS) supports the identification and protection of critical data that must be shielded from cyber attacks’ impact while enabling rapid recovery to a secure state.

ransomware recovery efforts


With Optiv’s CRS, you can prepare for the increasing threat of ransomware and cyber attacks by identifying, protecting, isolating, and recovering your business-critical data and associated systems.

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We deliver the resources, subject matter expertise and technical solution to help your organization overcome the threat of malware replicating into your backup environment and ensures that your organization is prepared with immutable, clean backups.

Optiv Works With You to Determine the Best Approach


Optiv experts help your organization develop a strategy that identifies the specific data your organization must shield from cyber incidents. To do this, we evaluate your existing recovery plan, regulatory requirement considerations, facilitated discussions across critical business units.


With this information in hand, we work with you to develop a broad strategy that enhances your existing recovery capabilities by determining: 


  • Where existing recovery solutions are adequate
  • Where enhanced security controls are required (e.g., automated isolation)
  • Developing workflows to transfer your critical data to the vaulted solution automatically

How It Works

Our robust approach to cyber recovery includes:

Critical Data Protection
  • Identification of critical assets and systems that are essential to continued business operations and must be protected in the event of a cyber attack
  • Analysis of organizational data, ensuring critical data that requires protection from cyber attacks is properly classified, as well as development of a cyber resilient strategy for critical assets and infrastructure

Cyber Recovery in Action


What do Optiv’s Cyber Recovery service offerings look like? See proof of our success, follow our implementation process and more.


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Data Categorization


Identify and categorize critical data aligned with business priorities 

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Strategy Development


Develop a comprehensive strategy that enhances existing security controls and transitions critical data backups to a secured solution 

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Implement an automated, vaulted backup solution that prevents data corruption and/or loss 

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Maintain and Test


Maintain and test new program to continuously enhance recovery capabilities